SilverCloud online Self-Help well-being programmes for all students and staff. An initiative of UL Éist Student Counselling & Wellbeing service, and the Healthy UL team, SilverCloud enhances UL’s commitment to supporting staff and students through many and varied platforms. SilverCloud is free to use and offers a range of mental health and wellbeing self-help programmes that staff and students can access when they wish.  Students and staff can select and progress through the self-selected programmes at their own pace and in their own time. The programmes help users to develop skills and tools to feel better and stay better.

SilverCloud is freely available to all staff and students and can be accessed 24/7 and has been successfully implemented in many higher education institutions and by the Health Service Executive.

The University of Limerick, though SilverCloud, is making seven self-help programmes available including:

  • Space for Resilience
  • Space from Covid 19
  • Space from Stress
  • Space from Alcohol
  • Space from Money Worries
  • Space for Sleep
  • Space for Positive Body Image

Sign-up online at:

What are the benefits:

  • SilverCloud is easy to access and is available 24/7.
  • 82% of people find the programmes easy to use.
  • Most users see an improvement after they begin using the programmes.

Will the University know that I am using the platform?

  • UL will only see data relating to how many staff and students use the platform. UL will not be able to identify any users of the service.

How do I access the programmes?

  • Enter your details to set up a free user account - you will need to use your @ul email address when signing up and accessing this service.
  • Log-in, learn and practice. It is recommended that you start with 1 module per week.
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