Internal Dispute Resolution (“IDR”) is a set of procedures that the University has drawn up in order to deal with certain types of complaints that may be made by actual or potential beneficiaries of the UL Pension Scheme.

In compliance with Circular 16/20: Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) procedure for pension appeals, if an eligible individual has an issue or concern regarding a pension decision, the appeal will be reviewed by the Pensions Office, in conjunction with HR Management who have not been involved in the original decision (HR Director/Deputy Director HR/Head of Operations as appropriate).

If having gone through IDR process and they are not satisfied with the outcome, the complainant may refer the complaint to the Ombudsman for determination. The Ombudsman can only consider complaints that have already been through IDR.

Further information on the role of the Ombudsman is available from the Office of the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman, Lincoln House, Lincoln Place, Dublin 2, D02 VH2936 – telephone 01 5677000 – or on the Ombudsman’s website

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