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To renew or arrange a new ID card, please email 

Parking permits are issued by UL Buildings & Estates

All employees of the University of Limerick are entitled to annual leave. Annual Leave Entitlements per grade are outlined in the Annual Leave proceedure, available here

Annual leave should be taken within the appropriate leave year. The annual leave calendar year is January to December. Staff are encouraged to take leave during July/August.

The University recognises that in most cases from March until July 2020, staff were unable to take holidays. Consequently, a carryover facility has been put in place this year, which will mean that you can carry up to a maximum of 10 days from your 2020 allocation into next year, subject to the written approval of your line manager. Any leave carried over from your 2020 allowance will need to be taken in the first 6 months of next year.  

All employees must record their annual leave on HR Core, and have it approved by their line manager, prior to taking leave.

Sick leave form        

Please read the Sick Leave Scheme for further information.

When an employee is absent because of sickness, he/she must notify by telephone the Dean/Head of Department/Manager before or within one hour after 09h00 am on the first day of absence.

Sick leave must be recorded by the Dean/HOD/Manager on a sick leave form and forwarded to HR straightaway. Please note that a delay in doing so will affect an employee’s salary.

A medical certificate must be sent to the Dean/HOD/Manager on or before the third day of absence. The Dean/HOD/Manager must forward all medical certificates to the Human Resources Division attached to the sick leave form. If the illness persists additional medical certificates must be submitted on a regular and timely basis. 

A guide to tax relief available for home or e-working is available in the Remote Working section of the COVID-19 SharePoint site. If you require a letter from your employer confirming that you are e-working, the template for this is available on the HR website here.