The Online Recruitment Pack (ORP) process has replaced paper based recruitment forms and facilitates the creation of all recruitment packs online. The ORP drives the required approval process and its reporting functionality provides details on all packs created. Only recruitment packs created online are accepted by the HR Recruitment team.

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The University recognises that working in a blended way can have benefits for both individual employees and the University.

Employees interested in blended working should have an initial discussion with their line manager to assess suitability of their role for blended working. Following this discussion, employees can fill out the application form for approval in accordance with the Policy and Procedure for Blended Working.

Refer to Blending Working Policy and Procedure for further information.

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Retaining Access to IT Systems – Approval Process

University Policy:
Any persons leaving employment in the University of Limerick (UL) will not retain access to UL systems, including an email address.

Background to Policy:
There are significant risks associated with providing continued access to email and systems for individuals who are no longer employed at UL. These risks relate to cyber security, data protection, records management and risk of data loss.

On the basis of advice from our insurance brokers and auditors, we are obliged to mitigate against any and all such risks to the University.

Exceptions Process under the following limited circumstances:
Where a member of staff who in leaving the University is required to continue to undertake / complete research or other specified UL work, ongoing access to their email account may be approved for a period of up to 12 months.

The approval of the direct line manager, the respective Executive Committee member, the HR Director and the ITD Director is required.

The maximum term of any extension period is 12 months.

How to Apply

Option 1: If you have an active account, apply through the online application process at

Option 2: If your account has already expired then you need to complete the application form to access IT Systems

Option 3: If you require temporary access (14 days) to your UL email account to retrieve specific personal information, please complete and return this form.

The Partner Access Management System (PAMS) will manage the creation and renewal of ID Cards and UL email accounts for non-UL employees. Managers should request ID Cards and/or @UL email accounts for their new staff members online using Microsoft’s SharePoint and PowerApps workflows. All existing non-UL staff should use PAMS to renew their access every 12 months. The end date for ID Cards and @UL email accounts are synchronized with reminders issued to managers 30 days in advance.

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