Introduction to Project Management for Professional Services Staff

This 2 x half day course will give you practical experience of key project management tools and techniques by introducing a project management approach that is structured yet flexible.

On this course you will learn how to:

  • initiate your project by setting project goals and introducing the key stakeholders
  • define and structure project work with a project lifecycle
  • use communication to effectively manage the project
  • manage schedules, cost, risk and quality
  • close out the project with lessons learned

Business Writing Skills

On this highly practical workshop, you will learn how to create clear, concise, polished communications. The skills and techniques you will take away can be applied to all types of writing, such as reports, web content, brochures, guides and customer emails.

In addition to writing to achieve objectives, the focus is on how to create professional communications using plain English. This is to help to prepare participants for the upcoming plain language legislation.

Presentation Skills

The "Presentation Skills" workshop will provide you with the tools you need to;

  •  plan an effective speech or presentation that achieves your goal
  •  structure your presentation in a way that makes an immediate and lasting impact
  •  establish your credibility and win the trust of the audience
  •  transform fear and anxiety into confidence and action
  •  use visual aids for maximum effect and minimum interference
  •  add energy, passion and enthusiasm that arouses the interest of your audience and significantly increases your impact
  •  use persuasive techniques to engage, inspire and motivate
  •  deal with challenging questions confidently and effectively

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