Influencing Skills for Managers

This workshop provides you with the skills, the tools and the confidence you need to overcome the barriers to influence and persuasion and succeed in getting the agreement, buy-in or change you need. 

As a result of this workshop you will know how to; 

  •  overcome the five main barriers to influence and persuasion 
  •  use, strengthen and adapt your influencing style to suit individual situations and objectives 
  •  connect with key stakeholders in a way that reduces any potential tension and conflict 
  •  select the most appropriate influencing strategies and approaches to secure the best result in different situations
  •  achieve your goals by increasing trust and gaining commitment and cooperation 
  •  apply the skills required to effectively influence a variety of stakeholders 

Chairing and Facilitating Effective Meetings

As a result of this programme participants will be know how to;

  •   Use a facilitative approach to running both online and in-person meetings
  •   Overcome the typical challenges facing the chairperson when leading discussions
  •   Develop a support structure and processes to achieve maximum engagement
  •   Adapt personality preferences to create engagement
  •   Create a safe environment to build trust
  •   Manage large groups and keep people actively engaged
  •   Manage more vocal and quieter participants
  •   Deal with difficult personality types and keep discussions on track
  •   Adapt personal conflict management preferences to facilitate and diffuse conflict
  •   Handle confrontation, resistance and unexpected challenges effectively 

Effective Team Building

This Programme is designed to ensure that the participants can work effectively in a team and thereby achieve the team goal.  By the end of this programme, participants should: 

  • Know their own team working preference & understand those of others.
  • Be able to communicate well in a team setting and be able to deal with challenges.
  • Understand how to create a working team with diverse members (e.g., backgrounds/departments/disciplines/locations)
  • Be able to work effectively in a team (including working remotely).
  • Have an understanding of effective processes and tools to manage team activities and communications.

Managing Difficult Conversations

Over 2 sessions, Managing Difficult Conversations will provide you with the tools you need to;

  • manage the key factors that impact difficult conversations on both an online and in-person
  • prepare for and conduct challenging conversations using an easy-to-follow structured framework
  • build trust and use questions skilfully to manage the difficult stages of a difficult conversation effectively
  • prevent conflict from escalating and keep difficult conversations on track and moving forward
  • achieve "win-win" results

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