To add dependants, log into your Core portal.

On the top right, click on your initials and click My Profile


This will bring you to a new screen with a menu on the left. Under Employee Detail, click Dependants.



Click Add, enter the details and Save.

In this section, you can view and amend many of your pension related details; including dependent and next of kin details. You can also view your personal pension record and use the pension calculator to model your future pension entitlements.

For further information on viewing your pension, related details please see the following document link - Using Core Portal Pension Calculator

For further information on adding dependents on Core Portal, please see the following document link - Adding Dependents on Core Portal 

For further information on this please view the Pensions section of the HR website, or contact the Pensions section directly,

In some cases, you can transfer your pensionable service from previous Public Sector employment to the University to increase your overall pension benefits. Contact the HR Pensions team with details of your previous employer and your dates of service. HR will liaise directly with your previous employer to ascertain if there is pensionable service to transfer into UL. Previous non-pensionable service may also be available to transfer providing the outstanding contributions for pension are paid.

No. Membership of the Spouse & Children’s scheme is compulsory for all Public Sector employees, regardless of marital status. The scheme also covers children born outside of marriage.

If upon retirement you are still single and without children, a refund of the Spouse & Children contributions can be refunded, less the appropriate deductions for tax.

The Professional Added Years (PAY) Award Scheme may be availed of by staff who, because of the minimum qualifications and experience requirements pertaining to the post to which they were recruited, are not in a position to attain 40 years' service by age 65. All applications go before the Pensions Committee, who determine any potential award. PAY awards only mature upon retirement age of 60 or 65, depending on the pension scheme you are a member of.

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