Sound Walking

Dr. Hilary Moss guides us through “Sound Walking”, a mindful practice developed by Patricia Moriarty. Sound Walking is the practice of experiencing sounds while walking to enhance and expand our experience of sounds and silence.` More resources on Sounding Walking, Sound Mapping, and Sound Journalising are available on the Student Affairs website.


Clodagh McCarthy of Brightsparks joined us recently to discuss the “Benefits of Mindfulness and Guided Practice” for you to use at home.


Professor Giles Warrington of the UL Physical Education & Sports Sciences department (PESS) joined us recently to discuss how to “Wake up to Sleep”, the importance of sleep and simple tips for promoting good sleep practices.


Patrick Dolan from PESS, guides us through a 40 minute workout which can be done anytime, requiring little space and no equipment.

Mental health & wellbeing

Dr. Barry Coughlan, Director of Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Education and Health Sciences delivers an hour talk on minding one's mental health & wellbeing in times of adversity. 

Deepening Mindfulness

Be Well Series Deepening Mindfulness- Awakening Self Compassion, delivered by Clodagh McCarthy, Brightsparks Coaching on Friday 24th September 2021.

Toolkit for your Mental Health

Our speakers Teresa Tuohy, Therese Hennessy and Annmarie Bright who are Lecturers in mental health nursing, Department: Nursing and Midwifery discussed strategies for achieving good mental health in this wellbeing series.

These included:

  • What is mental health wellness for you?
  • What do we do to stay well?
  • Understanding triggers
  • Maintaining your wellness
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