Title: Working with Online Dictionaries and Thesauruses

Description: There are many different kinds of dictionaries in print, each with information that is unique to them. Similary, not all thesauruses offer the same information or are used in the same way. Online dictionaries and thesauruses are often fraught with inaccuracies or vagueness or just lack the kind of information a student needs to make a good word choice; however, as we all know, they offer other advantages. This workshop will look at what online dictionaries and thesauruses do and do not offer so that students can make better word choices.

Duration: 50 minutes

This workshop will run on

  1. Tuesday Sept. 28th @ 1:00pm (Register here)
  2. Tuesday Oct. 5th @ 3:00pm (Register here)
  3. Tuesday Oct. 12th @ 12:00pm (Register here)
  4. Tuesday Oct. 19th @ 10:00am (Register here)


Presenter: Lawrence Cleary, Regional Writing Centre, Centre for Transformative Learning (CTL)

Download workshop materials: | Slides |

Target Audience: All UL students


Phone: 061 234652

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