Title: Understanding How Microsoft Word Can Proof your Paper

Description: Many writers do not have a revision strategy in their toolbox. This is evidenced by the number of unedited or proofed papers that are submitted for grades. The grades on many of these papers would be higher if they were revised. Many students do not realise that Microsoft Word has settings that will help you revise in a quick, methodical way. Knowing how to set up the Spell and Grammar check makes revision somewhat of a breeze. This workshop will take students through all of the settings that they need to know about and then how they can use the Spell and Grammar Check to not only find grammatical and mechanical issues in their drafts but also have those issues explained for better understanding of how written language works.

Duration: 50 minutes

This workshop will run on

  1. Thursday Sept. 30th @ 10:00am (Register here)
  2. Thursday Oct. 7th @ 1:00pm (Register here)
  3. Thursday Oct. 14th @ 3:00pm (Register here)
  4. Thursday Oct. 21st @ 3:00pm (Register here)
  5. Thursday Oct. 28th @ 10:00am (Register here)


Presenter: Lawrence Cleary, Regional Writing Centre, Centre for Transformative Learning (CTL)

Download workshop materials: | Sample Document |

Target Audience: All UL students