Title: Images for your UL assignments, where to find them and how to use them


Using images in your assignments or presentations can really add to the impact of your work and help you to illustrate an idea, or convey meaning. A pictures is after all, worth a thousand words! It is very easy to find images online that you can download and import to a Word or Powerpoint file, but what if you want to use someone else’s photo, image or artwork in your project or thesis? Would you include a quote from someone’s book or article without citing them as the owner of the work?

This workshop with Michelle Breen, Head of Information Services at UL Library, will introduce you to the Do's and Don’ts around the use of images in your assignments. Michelle will show you good sources for finding copyright-free images and explain to you what public domain, creative commons and restricted use images are and what to watch out for when downloading images from the internet.

At the end of Michelle’s workshop you will have learned how to source good images and know how to use them correctly in your academic work.

Duration: 30 minutes

This workshop will run on

  1. Tuesday Sept. 28th @ 12:00pm (Register here)
  2. Thursday Oct. 7th @ 11:30am (Register here)
  3. Thursday Oct. 21st @ 12:00pm (Register here)


Presenter: Michelle Breen, Glucksman Library

Download workshop materials: | Slides |

Target Audience: All UL students