Title: How to Record an Interview and Edit an Audio File using Audacity

Description: Learn some tips and tricks to record, edit, and produce an interview (or podcast) with the free, open-source audio software, Audacity.
Note: If you wish to follow along and practice the steps in this workshop please download and install Audacity onto the device you will be using before the session >>

Duration: 30 minutes

This workshop will run on

  1. Thursday Sept. 23rd @ 11:30am (Register here)
  2. Thursday Sept. 30th @ 12:00pm (Register here)
  3. Wednesday Oct. 13th @ 11:00am (Register here)
  4. Friday Oct. 22nd @ 11:00am (Register here)


Presenter: David Moloney, Centre for Transformative Learning (CTL)

Download workshop materials: | Slides | Demo Audiobook | Demo Sound Clip

Target Audience: All UL students