Claire manages the Science Learning Centre and directs the provision of support services provided by postgraduate tutors.

Claire's research background is in the Biological Sciences. To see her research profile, follow her on ResearchGate. Claire's professional background includes four years of lecturing at various HE institutions across the UK, as well as three year's experience as a learning technologist due to her interest in the growing use of technology in the education sector. To see her professional profile, follow her on LinkedIn.

Key Areas of responsibility:

  1. Leading the operation and development of the Learning Centre and line manage the centre staff.
  2. Managing the provision of learning support services in science and engineering for undergraduate students and developing online support services for students within the discipline.
  3. Collaborating with faculty and module leaders to develop new innovations to support student learning.
  4. Ensuring the professional development of all who contribute to the learning support provided by the Centre.
  5. Leading on the gathering and evaluation of data on student participation and learning and researching impact for students of participation in the service.
  6. Leading on the development of effective pedagogic approaches, methods and tools to support students effectively and enhance retention and progression.
  7. Liaising with internal and external stakeholders to foster outreach, widening participation and recruitment to the subject area.
  8. Reporting of activities to faculties, relevant Heads of Department and the Teaching and Learning Committee.


Phone: 061 234652

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