Live Presentations 

Conor O'Flaherty

The Performative and Cognitive effects of Virtual Reality on Language Learning

Gavin Byrne

Healthy/Diseased Tubular Tissue Pressure Diameter Apparatus

Oisin O'Sullivan

The First Translation into English of "La Nuit des Pères", by Gaëlle Josse: an analysis of the processes and challenges often found in literary tranlsation. 

Fiona Kelly

Timeless Music: The Use of Caregiver-led Music Intervention in the Context of Residential Nursing Homes

Michael O'Brien

Good Practice in the Provision of Care for People with Dementia in Nursing Homes

Megan McCarthy

Investigation of manufacturers market strategies influenced consumers purchasing decisions

Julie Cizek

Strategies for Teaching English to Japanese Preschoolers

Liam Brul

The Promotion of Global Citizenship Through Music

10. Oisín O'Sullivan

Investigation of Power as a Method of Cache Data Provenance Validation

Rebecca O'Regan

Elite women, philanthropy and influence during the Great Famine: A case study of Caroline, 2nd Countess of Dunraven

Oscar Ekelund

Wrinkles in a Thin Elastic Sheet Floating on a Liquid

Annemarie van Dongen

What are the effects of learning through music on the retention of English vocabulary?

Paul Stevens

Stranded at the crossroads? Ulster Unionist mentalités and British party politics 1886-1969

Wicktoria Wojciechowska

From "La Nalgota" to "La Bichota": A Spanish-English Translation and Feminist Interpretation of Reggaeton Songs

Brian Ronayne

Bilingual Literary Texts in Translation - Spanish and Galician to English: The Challenges of the Foreignization Approach in Carlos Montero’s 'El desorden que dejas'

Zoha Panezai

RNA Analysis of Diet-Modulated FGF21 Expression in Mice

Pre-Recorded Presentations

Grace Cronin

Preservice teacher perceptions of their ability to work with young children suffering from trauma in school settings

Jill Moynan

The Experience of Rolling Out a Nurture-Room in a Community National School.

Laura Purcell

Arthur and Merlin: Through Age and The Ages

Sophie Bartlett

Lessons in stress management: Student teachers’ perceptions of stressors and coping strategies associated with professional placement.

Khayla Timothy

Healthcare professional's perceptions on the effect of risk management on childbirth: An integrative review

Natasha Sheehy

Exploring people with Substance Use Disorders (SUD) and their experiences with healthcare professionals: a review

Ashling Walsh

Bereavement care provided within the maternity services during the Covid-19 pandemic: A focus mapping review and synthesis.

Kim Bradfield

Pre-service Teachers' Self-Efficacy and Attitudes Towards Gifted Students

Sarah Ryan Purcell

The Troublesome P's: Investigating the relationship between academic procrastination and perfectionism among Irish college students 

Arany Umasuthan

Neurodevelopmental implications of Carbamate Pesticide Exposure: A systematic review

Marjia Siddik

Algorithmic Bias in Healthcare Tools: A Mixed-Methods Investigation

Conor Cleary

The Historical Evolution of the Cowboy as a Mythological Figure

Marek Pogorzalek

The Development of a Functional Food Product Using the Natural Sweetener Stevia

Eva McMahon

Production and Optimization of Drug-Polymer Nanocomposites Using Nanoprecipitation Technique

AICUR Posters 

Eleanor Dawson

An audit of prescriptions of short-acting beta-agonist inhalers among asthma patients in an Irish GP setting.

Emma Hastings

Investigating The Relationships Between Time Spent on Social Media, Cyberbullying and Cybervictimisation.

Franciszek Rojecki

Relationship between Self-Concept Clarity and The Awareness of Narrative Identity.

Clara Vitense

The impact of zinc status and bioavailability in enterocytes as model for the gastrointestinal tract to understand gut-brain signaling in health and disease

Madunisha Sivasritharan

Implementation of a Patient Portal at a large, public mental health specialty hospital.

Cian Howley

A Critical Examination of Oracy in the Graphics Classroom: An Action Research Study

Matilda Anderson

The Intersection of Cognitive Load Theory and Practical Demonstrations in the Wood Technology Classroom: An Action Research Study.


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