School Placement is a core part of all teacher education programmes at the University of Limerick. It involves a collaborative partnership between the University and participating schools. The stakeholders in this partnership are student teachers, cooperating/mentor teachers, school students, school principals, deputy principals and university tutors. All placements are secured by the University through the School Placement Office in the Cooperative Education and Careers Division. The purpose of the placement process is to ensure equality of opportunity to all students in relation to school placement and to ensure that all students are assigned to a school that can meet their course requirements.The University offers a number of education programmes across a variety of subject areas. 

Undergraduate Programmes: 

  • Bachelor of Technology (Education) in Materials and Architectural Technology
  • Bachelor of Technology (Education) in Materials and Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor of Science with concurrent Teacher Education (Biology with Chemistry or Physics or Agricultural Science) 
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Educationa with Mathematics or English or Geography or Gaeilge
  • Bachelor of Science with a Specialism in Physics or Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Education in Languages
  • Bachelor of Science (Education) in Mathematics and Computer Science

Postgraduate Programme:
Professional Master in Education in the below subject specialisms

  • Business
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Mathematics
  • Languages
  • Technological Education