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Active engagement with industry and empowerment through employability are founding principles of the University of Limerick. At UL, we believe that the worlds of academia and work offer complementary opportunities for learning.

The Cooperative Education work placement programme is a core element of the UL student experience and exposes students to the world of work, with its differing environments, demands and expectations. Cooperative Education is a formal, academically accredited and compulsory programme and is offered to students across all faculties. With over 2,600 placements secured annually, Coop at UL is one of the largest placement programmes in Europe. The reach of the programme is also significant, involving a network of 600 employers, both national and international.

The compulsory and inclusive nature of Cooperative Education Programme makes it unique in the Irish and European contexts, with students eligible for placement, regardless of discipline and vocational orientation, academic standing and skills profile. It is a tangible manifestation of the value of switching the locus of learning and knowledge between the classroom and the workplace. It is this reinforcement of dual learning that enables UL graduates to transition successfully into the world of work and to experience one of the highest levels of graduate employment nationally.