Cooperative Education is a formal and academically accredited element of your degree programme. Your Cooperative Education grade is decided by an Academic member of staff on a pass-fail basis. This grade is based on your employer's evaluation of your performance and your Cooperative Education Report

If you are doing Cooperative Education placement in Ireland, you can expect to be contacted by an Academic Visitor to arrange an evaluation visit. You will be contacted in advance of the visit and you must be available on the day. The purpose of the visit is to review your progress with the employer and to get your feedback on your placement to date. On the basis of their discussion with you and your employer, the Academic Visitor returns an evaluation form to the Cooperative Education team for review. A final assessment of your placement is completed by your employer towards the end of your placement. The employer uses this to assess your performance across a number of categories, some of which include basic work habits, teamwork, communication and other skills.

Academic Visitors are allocated by your Academic Department. The name of your assigned visitor will appear on the student portal once assigned. You should contact your assigned visitor directly with any queries relating to your visit. For students on a Global Placement, academic visits are usually conducted via telephone or MS Teams.