All placements are sourced solely by the University of Limerick. Student teachers, or anyone acting on their behalf, are not permitted to contact any staff member of a school in relation to placement. We always welcome the opportunity to further our relationships with schools or to build new relationships. If you would like to request a student teacher please contact 

Click here to view the schedule and placement requirements for the 2023/24 placements.

Student teachers are met by the School Placement Coordinator and briefed on the placement process. In the first instance student teachers register for placement online via TUS indicating their ten preferred areas for placement. Due to the volume of students going on placement, it is often the case that a school cannot be secured from the initial list of preferences. The School Placement Coordinator will then need to expand the search area in order to secure a placement. Student teachers will be contacted to discuss additional preferences as required. Students are required to sign, and abide by, the CECD student allocation Code of Practice which is provided to them at the start of the placement process. Students are responsible for ensuring that all of the information they submit is accurate. Inaccurate or missing data may lead to delays in the process.

The School Placement office reviews the preferred areas and contacts available schools in these areas with the student placed in the first school that can accommodate them. Schools decline placement requests for a variety of reasons and in most instances a number of schools may be approached for a student before a placement is confirmed.

Some schools request prospective student teachers to submit CVs and students may be required to attend the school for an interview for their placement. The School Placement office will contact students in all instances.

The school confirms with the SP office that they can accept the student(s).

Placement details are released to students at specific deadlines during the academic year depending on the start date of their placements. Any students who are not placed by the deadline will be informed of their placement as soon as it is confirmed by the school. Placement details are released online and the deadlines will be announced to students each year.

It is the student’s responsibility to meet with their school to prepare themselves for placement. Students will attend the school for two scheduled observation days in advance of the placement. 

An up to date timetable must be available to the SP office at all times. Please refer the TUS student user guide for details on how to upload your timetable to TUS. If you do not have a copy of the user-guide please contact 

Tutors’ names are released to students via TUS. Tutor then make contact with their student teachers to arrange their pre-placement meetings.

Students must meet with their tutors for sign off before they can start their placement. Students will be fully briefed by the School of Education on the preparatory work that must be completed before these meetings.

Students complete their school placement under the supervision of their tutors.