Full details on all of the below aspects of School Placement evaluation can be found in School Placement Handbook including:

- The role of the tutors
- The number of tutor visits
- Focus of the placements
- Pre and Post-SP tutor meetings
- Grading
- Role of the external examiner

Meeting your School

Student teachers must make initial contact with their school as soon as their placement has been confirmed. Before commencing school placement each student teacher will need to meet with their school to become familiar with the curriculum, the resources that are available and to finalise their timetable. This can either be done before or during the scheduled observation days. Full details on how to prepare for the school visits can be found in School Placement Handbook. Students should ensure that they are fully aware of their course requirements before contacting their school.

School Placement Timetables

All timetables must be submitted via TUS so that they can be accessed by tutors and School Placement administration. Please refer to the TUS user guide distributed by the School Placement Office for details on how to access the system and upload a timetable.An up-to-date timetable is required in order to schedule external examiner visits.