University of Limerick Careers Service

The primary mission of the University of Limerick Careers Service is to support students and recent graduates in developing and implementing successful career plans, and to facilitate the recruitment process for students and employers.

University of Limerick has a strong employability focus and is committed to equipping students and graduates with skills and competencies they will need to build successful careers. During their four years at UL, students have access to an extensive range of employability-focused activities, including placement, careers development programmes, skills development and assessment sessions, and one-to-one consultations, to empower them to prepare for and manage their future careers.

Our career development programme equips students with career management skills for life, not just for their graduate role. This progressive programme is predicated on engaging with students from the first year of their degree. Specifically, it supports students in developing an understanding of their abilities, interests, preferences and motivations and impact on career-related decision making. Over 15,000 students and employers visit the careers service annually. As well as one-to-one careers consultations, the Careers Service offers targeted employability programmes (accredited and non-accredited) on topics such as professional development; building a career; skills and competences for the world of work; development of e-portfolios and CVs; and planning for postgraduate study. There is also an extensive graduate recruitment programme, advertising over 1,500 graduate vacancies annually and hosting the largest graduate recruitment fair nationally. At postgraduate level, UL provides a suite of accredited sector-specific professional development programmes, co-delivered with employers.

Find information on graduate employers

  • The Gradireland website is the result of collaboration between the Careers Services in the Irish Universities. It is a very comprehensive careers website for graduates throughout the country. One of it's most useful features is a searchable database of employers who recruit Irish graduates. This database can be accessed on the Gradireland website