The Cooperative Education programme at the University of Limerick harnesses all the significant benefits of increased collaboration between employers, the University and students.

Each year, the programme facilitates the placement of over 2,600 students across a network of 600 employers in over fifty countries across all major sectors of the economy and community.

The programme is centrally managed by the Cooperative Education & Careers Division. The Division provides a structured service from the point of application to placement. The programme is designed to provide employers with the definitive 'frontdoor’ to top talent.

The placement component is of six to eight months in duration and is usually undertaken in second or third year of the degree programme. A year prior to undertaking their placements, students participate in a series of Employability Programmes and Career Development Workshops, including mock interviews, CV reviews and bespoke information sessions, thus ensuring that they are ready to make the transition to the workplace.

What employers say

The UL Cooperative Education Programme is a great avenue to recruit and develop fresh and bright talent! The eight-month placement period enables both the student and the business to gain a wealth of value from the experience.”

8 months give enough time for the student to make a useful contribution and give them a chance to learn how industry works.

…student was a great addition to the team. He settled in with ease and opened up the minds of the rest of the team to new ideas and opportunities to drive improvement.

A terrific resource for employers, and also as a method for identifying candidates for future employment.

…it works well and gives both the student and employer the opportunity to learn and grow together.

Having a very likable and professional colleague for the past 8 months has been a positive experience."