Welcome to the Early Careers Employer Survey 2023

The University of Limerick conducted this survey to provide an annual overview of graduate recruitment in Ireland. The survey participants are employers who hired graduates or offered placements in 2022/23. They represent a diverse range of organisations, including local, national and global companies, multinationals and SMEs, and not-for-profits, from various sectors and disciplines.

Three hundred forty-one employers responded to the survey this year.

The survey took place between April and May 2023. The feedback from the organisations helps us to prepare our graduates for their future careers.

Early Careers Employer Webinar please view our most recent webinar to see results and trends. 

We will have additional reports available via PowerBI

Early Careers Employer Survey PowerBI

The survey covers various aspects of placement and graduate recruitment, such as: 

  •   Average Salaries
  •   Disciplines in demand
  •   Employment by location
  •   Employment by sector
  •   Job vacancies
  •   Recruitment levels
  •   Work Placement activities
  •   Recruitment processes
  •   Top technical and soft skills, ranked by employers
  •   Recruitment challenges

The Early Careers Employer Survey is a valuable resource for employers, students, and HEI (AHECS) colleagues to understand the placement and graduate recruitment market.

We are grateful to everyone who supported and participated in the survey.

We encourage you to view the results and trends as part of your ongoing exploration of the placement and graduate recruitment market.