Why us?

We can advise you on how best to connect with UL students and raise your organisation’s profile on campus. We bring students and employers together through various programmes and events, including recruitment fairs, panel events and skills workshops. We work with the entire student body and have close links with UL academic Schools and Programmes.

We welcome employers on campus during the academic year and offer presentation and interview facilities. Presentations normally occur between October and December and from February until April. Interviews can be scheduled for any time outside of examination dates. To help you organise your visit check out the links in the menu.

Employer in Residence Programme

The UL Employer in Residence programme is a unique opportunity for you to connect with students who are interested in your organisation and industry. The programme occurs on Wednesdays throughout the semester, from 10.30 am to 3.00 pm. Each session includes an employer stand, campus promotion and lunch. You can engage with students and staff, share your knowledge and skills, and raise awareness of your organisation. We will have no more than six employers on each weekly programme.

Each session will be themed by sector/ discipline.

You can register for this programme by completing the form here.

Graduate Outcomes

Building a national talent pool that is resilient, skill-appropriate and entrepreneurial in outlook is core to the third-level mission. In the context of the University of Limerick, the Cooperative Education Programme confers a significant advantage to UL graduates. This is supported by substantial research on the benefits of work-based learning and is evidenced by the sustained high demand for UL graduates.

The data analysis of the Graduate Outcomes Survey 2022 graduates shows that UL’s longstanding and well-directed collaboration with graduate and Coop employers has proven reassuringly hardy. Overall, the report evidences employability resilience at the level of the student, the University and the region.

Graduate Outcomes Reports are available here.

Engaging with our Employability Modules

As part of our Employability Modules, we encourage experiential learning, and as such, we organise assessment centres and individual mock interviews with students and give constructive feedback.

We are always interested in having professionals from a related industry participate as it gives the student an invaluable learning experience.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating. 

Academic Timetable

To help you organise your visit check out the University of Limerick Academic Timetable for exam dates and holidays.

Contact careers@ul.ie or phone +353 61-202476 to

  1. Discover the best ways of making your vacancies known to potential applicants from UL.
  2. Find out about the Careers Fair
  3. Interview students/graduates or send recruitment brochures and or application forms.


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