Building a national talent pool that is resilient, skill-appropriate and entrepreneurial in outlook, is core to the third level mission. In the context of the University of Limerick, the Cooperative Education Programme confers significant advantage on UL graduates. This is supported by substantial research on the benefits of work-based learning and is evidenced by the sustained high demand for UL graduates.

The data analysis of the Graduate Outcomes Survey of 2020 graduates shows that UL’s longstanding and well-directed collaboration with graduate and Coop employers has proven reassuringly hardy. Overall, the report evidences an employability resilience at the level of the student, the University and the region.

Top line Results

  • 75% of the Class of 2020 went directly into employment.
  • 7% of graduates are working globally.
  • 17% of the class are engaged in further study or training.
  • The results suggest that higher educational attainment is positively linked to higher employment rates, with 96% of UL PhD/Research graduates and 80% of Taught Masters graduates in employment.
  • The sectoral spread of the Class of 2020 employment is of interest viz., Human Health and Social Work (19%), followed by Professional, Scientific and Technical sector at 15%, Financial, Insurance and Real Estate (14%) and Industry (13%). At 11%, Education remains a significant sector for graduate employment.