Who qualifies as a Mature Student?

A mature student is someone who is 23 years of age or older by 01 January in the calendar year of proposed entry to an undergraduate course. Detailed information about mature students at the University of Limerick (UL) can be found on the Mature Students Office website.

How to apply as a Mature Student:

  • All mature applicants must apply through the Central Applications Office (CAO) which opens on 06 Nov 2023 and closes on 01 Feb 2024.
  • It is very important that mature applicants refer to the course page links below and under the Entry Requirement Section. 
  • Supporting documents, including personal statement (if applicable) must be submitted to the CAO by 01 March 2024. See requirement details on the relevant course pages below.

Late Applications for Mature Students

  • Some courses may accept late applications, which open on 05 March - 01 May 2024. 
  • CAO Change of Mind is not available to Mature Applicants as the deadline for mature applications has passed.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can be used when assessing mature applicants. In applying for RPL the University will be cognisant of the need to ensure that the integrity of its awards is rigorously guarded and that academic standards are maintained. The learning achieved by the applicant must be equivalent to the learning outcomes or performance criteria already set down for the course of study and must be supported by evidence as required by the University. Awards will not be given more than once for the same learning achievement where this has taken place either within the University of Limerick or where this has take place in other institutions.

The University may determine that the evidence may be provided in a number of ways including:

  • participation in exactly the same form of assessment as other students entering or already on the programme of study
  • portfolio
  • demonstrated skill or competence
  • reflective papers or journal articles that relate previous learning to the stated learning outcomes of the programme or module in question
  • evidence from the workplace or other setting where the student has applied their learning or competence
  • testimonials of learning or competence

Assessment of Recognition of Prior Learning

  • The process will be timely, fair and transparent
  • The process will be based on evidence provided by the applicant
  • The recognition will result in grades being awarded for modules except in the case where exemptions are given
  • The process will be equitable, valid and reliable
  • The decisions will be accountable and transparent
  • The applicant will have the right to appeal
  • The evidence and the rationale on which decisions are made will be recorded and retained by the University

Information for applicants and supporting procedures
Applicants will be provided with sufficient information and guidance on the process to assist them in making their application. Information will be provided to applicants about the learning outcomes of the courses of study and modules for which RPL can be used to gain access or exemption.

Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Course Code Status Visit the course page to view additional application information
LM002 Open BA Arts
LM019 Open BSc Social Sciences
LM027 Open BA Common & Civil Law
LM028 Closed BA Criminal Justice
LM029 Closed LLB Law Plus
LM131 Open Bachelor of Arts in Irish Music
LM132 Open Bachelor of Arts in Irish Dance
LM133 Open Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Dance
LM134 Open Bachelor of Arts in Voice
LM135 Open Bachelor of Arts in World Music
LM038 Closed BA Psychology & Sociology
LM039 Open BA Journalism & Digital Communication
LM040 Open BA European Studies
LM044 Open BA Applied Languages


Faculty of Education & Health Sciences

Course Code Status Visit the course page to view additional application information
LM038 Open BA Psychology and Sociology
LM089 Open BSc Sport & Exercise Sciences
LM090 Closed BSc Physical Education with Concurrent Teacher Education
LM091 Open BA Languages with Concurrent Teacher Education
LM092 Open BSc Science with Concurrent Teacher Education (Biology with Chemistry/Physics/Agricultural Science)
LM094 Open Btech Materials & Architectural Technology with concurrent Teacher Education
LM095 Open Btech Materials & Architectural Technology with concurrent Teacher Education
LM096 Open BSc Science with Concurrent Teacher Education (Physical Sciences with Chemistry & Physics)
LM097 Open BSc Mathematics & Computer Science
LM100 Closed BSc Physiotherapy  
LM102 Closed BSc Psychology  
LM103 Open BSc Paramedic Studies  
LM104 Closed BSc Occupational Therapy
LM105 Open BSc Exercise & Health Fitness Management
LM150 Open BSc Nursing (General)  
LM152 Open BSc Nursing (Mental Health)
LM154 Open BSc Nursing (Intellectual Disability)  
LM156 Open BSc Midwifery  


Kemmy Business School

Course Code Status Visit the course page to view additional application information
LM020 Open BA Law & Accounting
LM050 Open Bachelor of Business Studies (including Business with a language)
LM056 Open BA International Business


Faculty of Science & Engineering

Course Code Status Visit the course page to view additional application information
LM058 Open BSc Financial Mathematics
LM063 Open BSc Technology Management
LM066 Open BSc Environmental Science
LM068 Open BSc Food Science & Health
LM076 Open BSc Product Technology & Design
LM077 Open BEng Aeronautical Engineering
LM082 Open BSc Construction Management & Engineering
LM093 Open BSc Equine Science
LM099 Open Bachelor of Architecture 
LM113 Open BSc Interaction Design
LM114 Open BSc Music, Media & Performance Technology
LM115 Open BEng Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
LM116 Open Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical / Civil / Design & Manufacturing / Mechanical)
LM118 Open BEng Electronic & Computer Engineering
LM121 Open Computer Systems / Computer Games Development / Mobile Communications & Security
LM123 Open BSc Biological & Chemical Sciences (Bioscience / Environmental Science / Industrial Biochemistry / Pharmaceutical & Industrial Chemistry)
LM124 Open BSc Mathematics (Mathematical Sciences / Mathematics & Physics / Economics & Mathematics)
LM125 Open BSc Physics
LM126 Open BE/ME Electrical Engineering
LM173 Open Bachelor of Science in Immersive software Engineering
LM174 Open Bachelor / Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
LM180 Open Certificate / Diploma Equine Science



Mature Students must apply to the University of Limerick 
via the Central Applications Office (CAO)

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