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Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and Engineering
NFQ Level 8 major Award Honours Bachelor Degree

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4 Years

Course leader:
Claire Robinson
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061 202 828

Tel: 00 353 61 202015
Queries: www.ul.ie/admissions-askus


Why Study Construction Management and Engineering at UL?

The main aim of the course is to give you the skills to take projects from design to reality. The course will provide you with a broadly based management and technological education so that you are capable of recognising, evaluating and solving constructional and business problems associated with building and civil engineering projects.

The course will teach you how to adapt to technological change in a competitive industrial climate.

Managing construction projects requires a high level of organization, both commercially and technologically. Construction management prepares you to systematically plan, organise and manage resources such as finance, labour, plant and materials. Construction engineering gives you the skills necessary to implement processes and methods of construction to produce a quality building in an efficient and safe manner.

What you will study

The course is of four years duration with an 8 month cooperative education experience in an industrial placement between the end of the first semester in Year 3 and the start of Year 4.

In Year 1 of the programme you will be provided with a foundation in Mathematics and Science, and an introduction to Materials, Design, Construction Technology, Economics and Graphic Communication skills. You will develop key skills in writing, data analysis, project planning and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Year 2 develops modules in Construction Technology and CAD. The study of Structural Mechanics gives you a foundation for the later module in structural design. The first module in Building Services will teach you how to deliver sustainable building services. You will also learn about Land Surveying which is an important tool for measurement control in construction. A module in Employee Regulations gives an insight into personnel management skills.

In Year 3, modules in Building Production and Building & Construction Regulations will teach you a range of skills that will prove useful during your CoOp placement the following semester. The module in Structural Design gives you an understanding of design and involves you in material selection and calculations.

The second semester of year 3 and summer period CoOp experience will allow you the opportunity to practice all or some of the key skills you have learned and help you to develop a brief for your Final Year Project.

Year 4 completes the suite of Construction Technology and Building Services modules. The module Procurement and Contracting 2 introduces you to the legislative and contractual constraints and obligations that you will meet in construction projects. Financial Accounting teaches you the key elements necessary for the financial control of projects/business. A module in Project Planning and Control pulls together all aspects of the course so that all elements of the management of construction projects are understood.

Your final year project over the last two semesters will encourage you in self-directed learning, in identifying and resolving a complex construction-related problem. For many students, the initiative for their project arises during work placement; for others, it is a subject that they have a passion for.

Year 1 Semester 1   Semester 2 Summer
EC2001 Introduction to Economics WT4502 Construction Technology 2  
MG4031 Management Principles MT4002 Materials 1  
WT4401 Construction Technology and Management 1 PH4032 Physics for General Science 2  
PT4121 Communication Graphics MA4702 Technology Mathematics 2  
MA4701 Technological Mathematics 1 WT4202 Design Studio 1  


Year 2 Semester 3   Semester 4 Summer
WT4503 Structural Mechanics WT4504 Building Services 1  
PM4603 Employee Regulations for Engineers and Scientists WT4704 Building Measurement  
WT4003 Construction Technology and Management 3 WT4804 Estimating and Costing  
WT4505 Building Economics WT4604 Land Surveying  
PT4423 2D CAD WT4014 Introduction to Geology and Soil Mechanics  


Year 3 Semester 5   Semester 6 Summer
WT4301 Building and Construction Regulations 1   Cooperative Education  
MT4105 Quality Systems      
WT4605 Procurement and Contracting      
WT4705 Building Production      
WT4117 Structural Design      


Year 4 Semester 7   Semester 8 Summer
WT4507 Forensic Engineering and Ethics WT4208 Building Services 2  
WT4807 Project 1 AC4214 Accounting for Financial Decision Making  
WT4707 Construction Technology and Management 4 WT4808 Project 2  
AC4213 Financial Accounting CE4058 Project Planning & Control for the Built Environment  
    CE4068 Procurement/Contracting 2  

Applicants are required to hold at the time of enrolment the established Leaving Certi cate (or an approved equivalent) with a minimum of six subjects which must include: Two H5 (Higher Level) grades and Four O6 (Ordinary Level) grades or four H7 (Higher Level) grades. Subjects must include Mathematics, Irish or another language, and English.

In addition, applicants must hold a minimum grade O3/H7 in Mathematics and grade O4/H7 in any one of the following: Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Physics with Chemistry, Engineering, Design & Communication Graphics/Technical Drawing, Technology, Computer Science Construction Studies, Agricultural Science, Biology.

Exemptions: NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications) Level 7 holders in Construction or Building Management, of 3 years duration, passed with credit or distinction, will be considered for exemption from the first two years of the degree programme.

A Special Mathematics Examination will be offered at UL following the Leaving Certi cate results for those students who did not achieve the Mathematics requirement.

We welcome applications from mature students. Mature applicants must apply through the Central Applications Office (CAO) by 1 February.

Careers open to you with a degree in Construction Management and Engineering include roles in;

  • Construction Engineering,
  • Construction Management,
  • Facilities Management,
  • Property Development,
  • Estimating and Costing,
  • Project Management,
  • Construction Research.

The construction manager plays a pivotal role in overseeing a construction project from inception to completion. UL???s programme equips graduates with broad skills in construction techniques, planning & control and management. The diversity of the programme prepares construction managers to lead projects of immense complexity in an exciting and rewarding profession.

The CIOB is the international voice of construction management with 47,000 members worldwide and represents skilled construction managers and professionals involved in the total building process. It has granted Accredited Centre Status upon UL’s Department of Civil Engineering and Materials Science and has accredited this BSc in Construction Management and Engineering honours degree programme.

Chartered Member status of the CIOB is recognised internationally within the construction industry. This accreditation is of immense value to our students and graduates of Construction Management and Engineering, and particularly so to those working abroad, where their academic qualification is now formally recognised as being of the highest international standard.

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Follow on study

Opportunities for further study include the Masters in Project Management offered by the UL Kemmy Business School and the Masters in Construction Project Management offered by Queen’s University Belfast.

Fintan Meehan

In school, I found Construction Studies and Technical Graphics particularly interesting so I decided to pursue a course that suited my interests. Following careful consideration, I felt Construction Management and Engineering was the best option for me. My decision to choose UL was influenced by the fantastic facilities within the University and its reputation for producing so many successful graduates.

The most influential aspect of choosing this University was the availability of coop education whereby I will be able to get pre-graduation hands-on experience within the construction industry. This opportunity will reinforce what I am learning in lectures and laboratories and help me to 'hit the ground running' when I graduate. It also gives me a great chance to make an impression on my employers thereby creating invaluable employment opportunities following graduation. I would strongly recommend Construction Management and Engineering and indeed UL itself to all prospective students.