What I love about Limerick (so far!)

"From Countryside to city! The Limerick City Centre has a lot of sights and I have absolutely loved exploring to find some of them"
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UL - The Ultimate Student Experience

"When I chose to do International Business, l really didn’t know what to expect from my time in UL, but I can say I’ve had a great experience here and the day I leave UL will be a sad one for me".
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From Irish to Japanese: How UL Ignited My Love of Languages

The Applied Languages course in UL is so beneficial and efficient that way, as the focus is both on the mechanics and grammar of the language, as well as the culture and people of the countries where your language is spoken.
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Student Vlogs

VLOG: UL, My Home of Firsts - LM050 Student, Chris

Learn the foundations of business and choose to specialise in economics, management, finance, marketing or HR.

Find out more about Business Studies in UL #StudyAtUL

VLOG: UL, My Home of Firsts - LM044 Student Aisling

"I chose Applied Languages in UL because you can take three languages to a degree level and they also have a CoOp and Erasmus programme. I really liked the idea of getting to live abroad as part of my university degree"

Find out more about our Applied Languages in UL #StudyAtUL

VLOG: UL, My Home of Firsts - LM050 Student Catherine

"One of the highlights of UL is the library cafe ladies because where would any of us be without them"

Find out more about Business at UL #StudyAtUL

VLOG: UL, My Home of Firsts - LM002 Student, Kellie

Our Bachelor of Arts degree offers a flexible and wide-range learning experience. Choose between 16 subjects across the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, study abroad and gain real-world work experience.

Check out Kellie’s story for her take on what it’s like to study Arts at UL.

Find out more about Arts in UL #StudyAtUL

VLOG: UL, My Home of Firsts - LM118 Student, Aoife

Develop the knowledge demanded by industry today, to rise to the challenges of the future. Our new Electronic and Computer Engineering degree will give you the skills to employ technologies to tackle many of the challenges of the coming decades including energy, climate change, health and well-being as well as other innovative areas such as entertainment and self-driving vehicles.

Check out Aoife's story to find out about campus life, joining clubs and societies and what it's like to study Electronic and Computer Engineering at UL.

Find out more about Electronic and Computer Engineering at UL #StudyAtUL

VLOG: UL, My Home of Firsts - LM039 Student Mairéad

From producing your own radio show in our state of the art studios to working on an award-winning news website, a day in the life of a journalism student is an exciting and dynamic one. 

Find out more about Journalism in UL #StudyAtUL


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