We know from experience that student support services play a crucial role in the success of students in higher education. All of our Learner Centres provide space where students feel comfortable about raising issues that may help them to study or learn more effectively and build their confidence and self-esteem.

UL is first for student supports. Our learning centres help students to tackle challenges in maths, science, IT and academic writing. Each centre can provide free one-to-one tuition with a personal tutor. With staff dedicated to first year students, at UL we'll support you to succeed.

First 7 Weeks

Our First 7 Weeks programme is unique in Irish universities. It is designed to support students during the early weeks of term, but particularly first years and new starters. Recognising that successful early adjustment is linked to subsequent success, the F7W’s programme helps people find their feet and settle into life at UL.

The F7W’s team are based in The Hub within the Courtyard and is open during the first seven weeks of term where students can pop in ask any question they like, look for advice with something, or just sit down have a tea/coffee and just have a chat with the team.

Regional Writing Centre

The Regional Writing Centre is a free resource available to all students (undergraduate and postgraduate) who seek support to enhance and develop their academic writing skills.

We believe that anyone can write, as we practice a non-invasive, inductive approach to writing development, utilising peer-tutors and experts that work with both undergraduate students, postgraduate students and staff respectively to identify their writing practices in order to assess and improve strategic effectiveness.

Maths Learning Centre

The purpose of the Maths Learning Centre is to support students' mathematics learning across all programmes in UL.

It is well known that many capable students may find it difficult to achieve the required standards in mathematics to support their degree studies. All UL students studying courses that have a mathematics or statistics module can avail of the Mathematics Learning Centre's (MLC) services free of charge. A number of the free services offered in the MLC include:

  • Individual consultation
  • Computer-based tutorials
  • Individual tutorial assistance
  • Study area
  • Additional tutorial support
  • Access to relevant text material

Science Learning Centre

The Science Learning Centre aims primarily to support undergraduate students taking first year and some second-year science modules.

We support students through our dedicated drop-in centre where tutors, who are specialists in the main science subjects, will work with you to address any queries that you may have about module you are taking. We also offer support tutorials to cover areas of a particular module that students are finding difficult.

Information Communication Technology Learning Centre

The ICT Learning Centre aims to support and enhance learning within ICT disciplines in UL, with a particular focus on programming and software-related skills.

We provide intensive support which seeks to engage students through innovative tutoring and learner-focused support thereby augmenting existing teaching and learning activities within the curriculum. 

Regional Peer Supported Learning Centre

The centre is a proactive academic enrichment programme that targets difficult modules/subjects.

We foster cross-year support between students on the same course by encouraging them to support each other and learn co-operatively under the guidance of students who have already completed a particular subject or module. We have weekly scheduled sessions that are module-orientated and have been identified to be difficult. 

For more information contact James Murphy (PSLC Manager) Email: james.murphy@ul.ie

Student Engagement & Success Unit

The Student Engagement and Success (SES) Unit is here to support your transition into 3rd level to ensure that you get all the support you need to make your first year a success.

If you, or any of your friends, begin to experience doubts or are having difficulties settling in making or positive progress in your course, we are here to help. 

Educational Assistive Technology Centre (EATC)

At UL, we not only support diversity, we embrace it. Our Disability Support Services Educational Assistive Technology Centre (EATC) is a unique, purpose-built accessible assistive technology lab. It provides technology training and assessment of students with disabilities and specific learning difficulties to allow them to become more independent learners. This is a dedicated space in the new library with a sensory friendly computer area with all essential assistive technology on each PC. The EATC team offer a complete training and support service that works for each individual student. The assistive technology expertise in UL is nationally recognised as a pioneer in the provision of support to students with disabilities in higher education.