This page is for students who have completed their A-Levels and wish to apply to the University of Limerick (UL) via the Central Applications Office (CAO).

Full entry details for A-Level Students, including a full list of course requirements can be found in the Entry Requirements Criteria for EU/EFTA Applicants.

The UL minimum entry requirements for A-Levels Students are as follows:

6 distinct recognised subjects which must include:

  • 2 subjects at GCE A Level Grade C AND
  • 4 other subjects at GCSE O Level Grade C which must include English, Mathematics and another language.

Points to Note:

  • A-Level grades taken over a single sitting may be combined with AS grades from the same year or 1 year previous.
  • AVEC - Do not fulfill minimum and specific subject requirements.
  • A maximum of four different recognised subjects, which are not mutually exclusive, will be counted.
  • If 4 A-levels are presented, the lowest grade is scored at a lower rate.
  • Only A-level grades awarded at the same date can be considered for computation.
  • Applicants are scored on the basis of their best four Alevels, or three A-levels and an AS level in a different subject from the same or preceding year. (note one Alevel grade from the previous year may be substituted for an AS grade but will only be scored as an AS).
  • Grades in the same subject in A2 and AS level cannot be combined.


A-Level students must apply to the
University of Limerick via the Central Applications Office (CAO).

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