Academic Registry facilitates students and staff in managing the academic life cycle, from recruitment and admissions, right through to graduation and beyond. The division is focused on delivering a high quality service to enable the University to fulfil its mission.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to enable an excellent student experience.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to work in partnership with the university community to develop and deliver seamless, effective and efficient support throughout the student journey.

Our Values:

Academic Registry Organisational Structure

Led by Ann-Marie O’Rourke, this department ensures effective project management and business process improvement, as well as data governance oversight for student records.

  • Project Management & Process Improvement Team: Our Team delivers projects to improve the student experience, reduce risk and improve how we work in UL. We are customer focused and believe in working collaboratively with each stakeholder, partner and project member to achieve and deliver process improvements, solutions and tangible business benefits.
  • Students Records Data Governance: With an ever-increasing need for data, it is of critical importance that data is accurate, consistent, accessible and secure to support the University of Limerick (UL). UL uses data to manage its activities, sustain its ambitions for future growth, drive innovation and meet its obligations to demonstrate accountability through accurate reporting and evidence-led decision-making. The Academic Registry Data Governance function is a trusted advisor working in partnership with stakeholders to ensure data governance is consistently applied throughout the UL Student Records System. We are currently progressing a comprehensive Data Governance Model and have published a Student Records System (SITS) Data Governance Framework which has established policies, procedures, roles and tools to guide best practice data management in data definition, integrity, accuracy and access and use of data in UL's student records system. 

Led by Dr. Liz Henry, this department looks after the administration of the student lifecycle, with teams focused on Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions, Student Records, Scheduling & Examinations and Programme Management.

  • The Programme Management team engages with all course directors to provide support and advice in advance of APRC (Academic Programme Review Committee) for new and modified programmes.  The office sets up and manages all related records for new and modified programmes and modules.
  • The Undergraduate Admissions & Enrolment team manage the CAO process as well as applications to undergraduate programmes from EU students or students with EU residency for the University. In addition, they provide information and support to prospective undergraduate students, parents, and schools. The team facilitates enrolment and ensures that new undergraduate student information is accurate. 
  • The Undergraduate Recruitment team is responsible for undergraduate student recruitment for EU students into the University. The team engages with guidance counsellors, schools and participates at various career fairs and exhibitions throughout Ireland. In addition, they provide information and support to prospective undergraduate students, parents and schools as well as facilitating orientation and Open Days. They are also responsible for digital marketing campaigns to promote the undergraduate courses in the University, working with faculty to provide students with clear and compelling information to make informed decisions about their choice of university and course.
  • The Scheduling and Examinations team engages with course directors, scheduling co-ordinators and module leaders to produce the centralised class and examination timetables. The office works closely with Faculty and student support staff to manage and administer end-of-semester examinations. The Scheduling & Exams team also manage the room-booking service which enables staff and external customers/groups to book classrooms and lecture theatres on an ad-hoc/once off basis during the academic year.
  • The Student Records team maintains student records (personal and academic) in particular, module registration/pre-registration, module grading, progression and results. In addition, they support the graduate and non-graduate examination boards and provide conferring support. They manage student status management and the maintenance of all records for students during their programme and after graduation.

Led by Fintan Breen, this department manages our service model and communications in order to enable effective engagement with our customers (including applicants and families, schools, students, graduates, UL staff, and others).

Customer Service: The Customer Service Team supports our customers - our students (prospective, current and past), UL staff, and other stakeholders including schools, guidance counsellors and others. The team acts as the first line of contact with customers, escalating queries throughout Academic Registry as needed. 

Communications: The Communications Team engages with and supports all Academic Registry departments to ensure effective engagement with students, staff and key stakeholders across a range of channels throughout the academic year and student journey.

Led by Nuala Cullimore, this department is responsible for leading, planning and implementing the Quality Management System on behalf of the Division by:

  • Managing resource planning: staff recruitment plans, monitor budgets, procurement management, liaise with buildings and estates for interim and new space planning. 
  • Ensuring the division is compliant with all University policies and identifying implications of any internal and external (national) high level policy developments. 
  • Managing the Admissions Appeals process.

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