The University of Limerick offers entry routes to certain first year undergraduate degree programmes for students who have achieved the relevant QQI Level 5 or Level 6 Award. 

Download QQI Information Booklet 2023.

In all circumstances candidates must present the full award with a minimum credit value of 120 including distinction in at least 5 component awards.

In addition to satisfying the minimum entry requirements, candidates must also satisfy the specific component award requirements for their desired course.These requirements can be found on pages 3-6 of the QQI Information booklet (see link above).

Each component/module is given a score based on the product of its credit value and the "weighting" of the grade achieved. Grades from the best 120 credits are scored and applicants are ranked accordingly. 

Note: This scoring process only applies where all the minimum entry requirements are met. Some undergraduate degree courses require distinction in specific modules. See the "Minimum Entry Requirements" section above for more detail.

Calculating your points total

1) Identify your best 120 credits. 
Although most component awards have a credit value of 15, credit values of 5, 10, 20 and 30 also apply. Add up the credit values of your modules/components with the best grades to reach a cumulative credit value of 120. 

2) Identify your module/component scores.
Multiply the credit value of each component/module by the weighting for the grade achieved. 

Grade  Grade Weight
Distinction 3
Merit 2
Pass 1

3) Calculate your cumulative score.
To find your cumulative score, add up the module/component scores of your best 120 credits as identified in Step 1.

4) Calculate your points total. 
Multiply your cumulative score by 13.
Divide that number by 12 and you have your points total. 

Course points requirements

The points total cut-offs for each course varies each year, depending on the calibre of applicants. Below are the points cut-offs from 2019, to give you an idea of the level of competition. 

CAO Code Description Cut-Off
LM002 Bachelor of Arts


LM026 Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts None
LM038 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology 390
LM039 Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Digital Communication 374
LM040  Bachelor of Arts in European Studies  None
LM044 Bachelor of Arts in Applied Languages 390
LM050 Bachelor of Business Studies  341
LM102 Bachelor of Science in Psychology 390
LM150 Bachelor of Science Nursing (General) 390
LM152 Bachelor of Science Nursing (Mental Health) 390
LM154 Bachelor of Science Nursing (Intellectual Disability) 390
LM156 Bachelor of Science in Midwifery 390

Each undergraduate degree course offers a specific number of places to QQI candidates each year. Candidates are ranked for these spaces based on their performance. In cases where there are more applicants with the maximum points score than places available, random selection is applied. 

Course Code Course Name Number of QQI places
LM002 BA Arts 48
LM019 Social Sciences 4
LM020 Law and Accounting 0
LM028 Criminal Justice 3
LM029 Law Plus 3
LM039 Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and New Media 3
LM040 European Studies 2
LM044 Applied Languages 5
LM026 Performing Arts 4
LM038 Psychology and Sociology 2
LM089 Sport and Exercise Science 0
LM100 Physiotherapy 0
LM101 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 0
LM102 Psychology 4
LM103 Bachelor of Science in Paramedic Studies 0
LM105 Exercise and Health Fitness Management 2
LM150 Nursing (General) 2
LM152 Nursing (Mental Health) 1
LM154 Nursing (Intellectual Disability) 6
LM156 Midwifery 1
LM090 Physical Education 4
LM091 Education in Languages 1
LM092 Biology with Physics or Chemistry or Agricultural 4
LM094 Materials and Architectural Technology 3
LM095 Materials and Engineering Technology 3
LM096 Physical Science with Chemistry and Physics 1
LM097 Mathematics and Computer Science 1
LM050 Business Studies 25
LM056 International Business 0
LM058 Financial Mathematics 2
LM063 Technology Management 2
LM066 Environmental Science 0
LM068 Food Science and Health 0
LM076 Product Design and Technology 0
LM077 Aeronautical Engineering 2
LM082 Construction Management and Engineering 3
LM093 Equine Science 1
LM099 Architecture 0
LM115 Chemical and Biochemical Engineering 1
LM116 Engineering 10
LM118 Electronic and Computer Engineering 3
LM121 Computing Technologies 6
LM122 Creative Media & Interaction Design 2
LM123 Biological and Chemical Sciences 8
LM124 Mathematics 2
LM125 Physics 1
LM173 Immersive Software Engineering 0
LM174 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 0
LM180 Equine Science 1



Students with the relevant QQI FET Awards can apply to the University of Limerick via the Central Applications Office (CAO)

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