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Bachelor of Arts in International Business

Bachelor of Arts in International Business
NFQ Level 8 major Award Honours Bachelor Degree

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4 Years

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Kieran Gallery
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Tel: 00 353 61 202015
Queries: www.ul.ie/admissions-askus

About You

If you wish to develop your knowledge of business while learning about the influence of politics, law, history and sociology on business decisions, then this programme might be for you. While other business programmes contain an international perspective, this programme provides an extensive international context that will drive your understanding and creativity. On graduation, you can expect to be well-positioned for a career in business, not just in Ireland but with overseas organisations.

If you want to;

- Discover a distinctive undergraduate experience

- Design your own degree programme

- Study and work abroad

- Enjoy a programme that puts business in an international framework

- Be prepared for rewarding graduate-level employment

Then this programme might be for you.

Why study International Business at UL?

The BA in International Business will provide you with a distinctive and challenging undergraduate experience. The programme is structured around a broad and flexible curriculum with subject choices that will help you to understand how business decisions are undertaken in a globalised world shaped by political, social and legal issues.

An international study/work placement for a full academic year is a core part of the programme. This international experience will allow you to attend university in Europe, the US, Latin America, Asia or Australia. Having the chance to push your learning in a new environment is a challenging and exciting part of the programme.

In addition, students can avail of an amazing opportunity to earn a second degree from a leading international business school. Under this ‘dual degree’ pathway, BA in International Business students spend their first two years studying in Limerick and their last two years studying at another Business School (while retaining an international work placement). Upon successful completion of their four years of study, students will receive both UL’s BA in International Business degree and an equivalent degree from the other business school.

What you will study

Choice and flexibility are central to the BA in International Business. You will select modules from business, finance, economics, law, sociology and languages in several possible combinations that reflect your interests, and help your understanding of international business. You will have the option of either choosing a language elective stream (selecting from Spanish - beginners or advanced French, German, and Japanese for beginners), or business/humanities elective stream.

By the end of the course, you will have:

  • the ability to apply specialised technical, analytical and creative skills which are fundamental to problem-solving and decision-making in the business world
  • the knowledge and skills to acquire information and engage with ideas and concepts that emerge from other business cultures
  • an array of advanced skills needed to conduct guided research in a range of business contexts
  • the capacity to effect change responsibly in business, professional and academic environments.
LM056 BA in International Business - Note: All Students must register for 5 modules per semester
Year 1 Semester 1 Credits Semester 2 Credits
  Principles of International Business 6    
  Choose - Min 2 Max 4   Choose - Min 3 Max 4  
  Principles of Accounting 6 Managerial Accounting 6
  Microeconomics 6 Macroeconomics 6
  Principles of Risk Management 6 Insurance Law & Claims 6
  Management Principles 6 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 6
  Business Information Management 6 Principles of Organisational Behaviour 6
  Communications 6 Marketing 6
  Choose - Min 0 Max 2   Choose - Min 0 Max 2  
  Principles of Law 6 Comparative Legal Systems 6
  Introduction to Government and Politics 6 Modern European Political Thought 6
  Introduction to Sociology 6 Global Political Economy 6
  Doing History: Past, Present and Practice 6 Broadening Module 6
  Choose - Min 0 Max1   Choose - Min 0 Max 1  
  French for Business 1A 6 French for Business 2A 6
  German for Business 1A 6 German for Business 2A 6
  Japanese for Business 1 6 Japanese for Business 2 6
  Spanish for Business 1 (Beginners) 6 Spanish for Business 2 (Beginners) 6
  Spanish for Business 1 6 Spanish for Business 2 6
Year 2 Semester 3 Credits Semester 4 Credits
  Choose - Min 3 Max 4   Choose - Min 3 Max 4  
  Financial Information Analysis 6 Auditing & Accounting Frameworks  
  Economics for Business 6 Financial Accounting and Reporting 6
  Finance 6 Life Insurance 6
  Risk and Insurance 6 Marketing Communications 6
  Principles of Human Resource Management 6 Employment Relations 6
  International Management 6 Applied Organisational Behaviour 6
  Applied Business Mathematics 6 Applied Business Statistics 6
  Choose - Min 0 Max 2   Choose - Min 0 Max 2  
  Sociology of Work 6 Sociology of Globalisation 6
  Comparative European Politics 6 Consumption and Consumer Culture 6
  Commercial Law 6 Human Resource Development 6
  Psychology and Everyday Life 6 International Economics 6
  Choose Min 0 Max 1   Choose - Min 0 Max 1  
  French for Business 3A 6 French for Business 4A 6
  German for Business 3A 6 German for Business 4A 6
  Japanese for Business 3 6 Japanese for Business 4 6
  Spanish for Business 3 (Beginners) 6 Spanish for Business 4 (Beginners) 6
  Spanish for Business 3 6 Spanish for Business 4 6
Year 3 Semester 5   Semester 6  
  Off Campus/Academic 30 Cooperative Education 30
      Cooperative Education  
Year 4 Semester 7   Semester 8  
  International Business 6 International Business  
  Confirmation Paper 1   Confirmation Paper 2 6
  Choose - Min 3 Max 4   Choose - Min 3 Max 4  
  Management Accounting 1 6 Management
Accounting 2
  Advanced Financial Reporting 6 Corporate Taxation 6
  Taxation Theory and Practice 6 Public Finance 6
  International Political Economy 6 Monetary Economics 6
  Managerial Economics 6 Empirical Finance 6
  Investments: Analysis and Management 6 Reinsurance and Alternative Markets 6
  Insurance Organisations and Markets 6 Strategic Management 6
  Project Management Theory and Practice 6 Marketing Leadership 6
  Marketing Intelligence 6 Marketing Relationships and Networks 6
  Strategic Brand Management 6 Contemporary Human Resource Management: Context and Strategy 6
  Management Consulting 6    
  Choose - Min 2 Max 4   Choose - Min 2 Max 4  
  Governance and Risk 6 Issues in World Politics 6
  The European Economy 6 Contemporary Issues in the Global Economy 6
  Legal Environment of Business 6 Company & Partnership Law 6
  Enterprise Management and Growth 6 Europe: Society and Governance: 1890-1990 6
  Choose - Min 0 Max 1   Choose - Min 0 Max 1  
  French for Business 7A 6 French for Business 8A 6
  German for Business 7A 6 German for Business 8A 6
  Japanese for Business 7 6 Japanese for Business 8 6
  Spanish for Business 6 6 Spanish for Business 7

Applicants are required to hold at the time of enrolment the established Leaving Certificate (or an approved equivalent) with a minimum of six subjects which must include: Two H5 (Higher Level) grades and Four O6 (Ordinary Level) grades or four H7 (Higher Level) grades. Subjects must include Mathematics, Irish or another language, and English.

In addition, applicants must hold at least an O4/H7 grade in Mathematics. Students wishing to take a language option must have a H4 in that language, with the exception of Japanese or Beginners Spanish where a H4 in a language other than English is required.

We welcome applications from mature students. Mature applicants must apply through the Central Applications Office (CAO) by 1 February.

Graduates have been offered roles in leading multinational organisations such as Accenture, Google, Intel, Jameson, Deloitte, KPMG, and Kerry Group. It is expected that graduates will be ideally suited to working in an international context, employing their familiarity with other cultures and the international business environment.

Follow-on Study

Related postgraduate options at UL include;

- MA in International Tourism

- MSc in International Entrepreneurship Management

- MSc in Marketing, Consumption Society

- MSc in Economics and Policy Analysis

- MSc in International Management Global Business

- MSc in Work & Organisational Psychology/Behaviour

- MSc in Human Resource Management

- Master of Taxation


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Megan King

Diversity, choice and adventure were amongst the reasons why I chose to study International Business at UL. The course is exciting and broad, as we have the opportunity to choose our own subjects we can steer it anyway we want to go. I enjoy the creative elements of marketing classes, and the real-life application of management modules.

My year abroad was the most amazing time of my life, I learnt so much about myself and the world and other cultures. I completed two semesters in the management school in Strasbourg, doing exciting modules such as Luxury Brand management and Corporate Finance; I made a fantastic group of friends from Ireland, the UK, America, Mexico, Argentina and Germany. I travelled to Oktoberfest Munich, Prague, Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin, Budapest, Luxembourg, Slovenia (the most beautiful place in the world), London, Milan, Rome and more! There are so many opportunities to travel while on study abroad, and so many like-minded individuals with which to do so. I didn’t have loads of money either – one bus from Milan to Strasbourg was €8 (and 16 hours long – where there’s a will there’s a way). It was a life-changing experience!

Studying at UL has presented me with many opportunities to broaden my horizons and learn, including an exciting international job offer. I have a job as a Wealth Advisor with DeVere Group. The international placement allows me to choose my location of work, which was my dream – I have chosen Dubai, and I would never have had the opportunity to do so had I not made UL my number one choice.

Mark Barrow

When I discovered this course I was initially attracted by the degree of flexibility it offers to students. The International Business degree is the only course that allows you to study business, a language and a humanities/arts subject (such as politics or law) so I was encouraged to try different modules (subjects) which I had an interest in.

Group projects are a core part of this programme, allowing you to get to know your classmates better, meet other people, learn together as a group and learn new ideas from your fellow students. The course is not just all theory, with many of the lectures focusing on practical applications that demonstrate how business situations work in the real world. Various guest speakers from industry visit often and share their own experiences of business, whether they succeeded or failed and what contributed to that.

I think the facilities provided for the course here at UL are excellent. From modern classrooms to the latest technology in the computer labs, everything is ideal. The lecturers are very approachable also, no matter what the issue. If you have a strong interest in Maths or Applied Maths then this course is perfect for you.

I particularly enjoy the language aspect of this course. I study French and without a doubt this is my favourite part of the course. The Business French programme in UL will train you to improve your conversational French; how to handle business situations in French, while also improving listening, speaking and writing skills. This is achieved by highly interactive tutorials which are always enjoyable. The course has offered me the opportunity to live in France for a year, and further improve my French, which is something that I have always wanted to do.

I chose UL primarily because of the reputation of the Kemmy Business School, but also because of the opportunity to go on both co-op and Erasmus (study abroad). Next year, I will study for the full year at the EM Strasbourg business school in France.

Shauna Murphy

As I am from Cork city, I had planned to go to UCC. However after finding this International Business course, I knew UL was the college for me. I then discovered the amazing campus of UL and all that is on offer here.

The first thing that grabbed my attention about this course was the fact that I was able to pick and choose my own modules. I can virtually design my own personalised degree so it stood out from any other courses I had looked at. I can choose my modules to suit my own interests, and still have the opportunity to gain an insight into fields of Business that I might not have otherwise considered. The choices are numerous from law to marketing and even languages.

I think the facilities provided for the course here at UL are excellent. From modern classrooms to the latest technology in the computer labs, everything is ideal. The lecturers are very approachable also, no matter what the issue. If you have a strong interest in Maths or Applied Maths then this course is perfect for you.

There are many things that I enjoy in UL. We have endless facilities including a multitude of restaurants that cater for all age groups, tastes and budgets. The highlight of the campus in my opinion is the incredible sports arena. Whether you feel like going for a swim or doing a fitness class, it is a great place to be. The Stables is another fine feature of the campus! Going to UL makes you part of a community and it was the best decision I have ever made. By choosing UL, I feel I have the best of both worlds, academic and social. I am getting a high class education, while making many new friends along the way.