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Biological and Chemical Sciences (Common Entry)

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NFQ Level 8 major Award Honours Bachelor Degree
4 Years
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Course leader:
Dr Achim Schmalenberger
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00 353 61 233775



Tel: 00 353 61 202015


Biological and Chemical Sciences (Common Entry)

About You

Are you interested in Science? Would you like to understand how living things work, evolve and function at the molecular or cellular level? Are you interested in a career that can really make a practical contribution to helping address the challenges that presently face the world, for example, the discovery of new drugs to fight disease, inventing new materials for biomedical devices, developing greener systems to protect the quality of our environment? Do you want a challenging career and one tailored to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of employers? Then this programme might be for you.

Why Study Biological and Chemical Sciences at UL?

This entry route is designed to provide you with a gateway to better choice if you’re unsure which area you’d like to study. You can avail of a broad common first year which will introduce you to various topics in Biological and Chemical Sciences. Having gained a better understanding of each subject area, you then choose your preferred pathway to specialise for the remaining 3 years of your degree programme. At UL, you get to try before you decide.

Science requires a fundamental understanding of the key areas of biology and chemistry and the LM123 Biological and Chemical Sciences at the University of Limerick offers prospective students an opportunity to develop a core competency in both scientific areas in their first year at University. LM123 Biological and Chemical Sciences is a gateway from Year 2 to a degree in either:

BSc Bioscience OR

BSc Environmental Science OR

BSc Industrial Biochemistry OR

BSc Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry

Having selected LM123 Biological and Chemical Sciences you will be requested to rank the 4 degree options in order of your preference during Semester 2. In the event that a programme is over-subscribed, places will be allocated based on UL exam performance.

Choose your preferred degree pathway from one of the following four options;

The B.Sc. Industrial Biochemistry focuses upon the study of living cells (or components of living cells) and the medical/industrial applications of such substances. It is designed to prepare you for a career in biotechnology and allied industries, and has a very strong employment record.

The B.Sc. Environmental Science will provide you with a strong scientific understanding of environmental issues at local, national and global level and will give you a full knowledge of technological and management methods available to help improve the quality of our environment.

In the B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical & Industrial Chemistry fundamental and applied aspects of organic, inorganic, physical, analytical chemistry and materials chemistry are covered as well as key chemical engineering topics. These programmes will qualify you for employment in a variety of professional careers in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

Students entering the programme will undertake specific modules in the areas of chemistry, biology, maths and physics. As the subsequent degree programme choices focus heavily on biology or chemistry (or a combination of both), the biology and chemistry subjects taken in LM123 are designed to facilitate students in developing a fundamental competency in these areas. In conjunction with these core scientific modules, there will also be an interesting set of modules designed to give students a clear understanding of the key areas and content of the subsequent degree programme options of industrial biochemistry, pharmaceutical & industrial chemistry, biosciences and environmental science.

Year 1 Semester 1 Credits   Semester 2 Credits
CH4701 General Chemistry 1 6 BY4102 Biology for Biosciences 6
BY4001 Biology 1 6 CH4102 Organic Chemistry 1 6
MA4601 Science Mathematics 1 6 PH4142 Introduction to Physics 6
CH4021 Laboratory Calculations 3 MA4602 Science Mathematics 2 6
ER4011 Introduction to Environmental and Biosciences 3 CH4031 General Chemistry 2 (Inorganic) 3
CH4051 Introduction to Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry 3 CH4041 General Chemistry 2 (Physical) 3
CS4131 Introduction to Scientific Calculations 3      


Applicants are required to hold at the time of enrolment the established Leaving Certificate (or an approved equivalent) with a minimum of six subjects which must include: Two H5 (Higher Level) grades and Four O6 (Ordinary Level) grades or four H7 (Higher Level) grades. Subjects must include Mathematics, Irish or another language, and English.

In addition, applicants must hold a minimum grade H4 in Mathematics and a Grade O6/ H7 in any one of the following: Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physics, Physics with Chemistry, Technology, Design and Communication Graphics/Technical Drawing.

OR grade O3/H7 in Mathematics and grade H4 in one of the following: Agricultural Science, Applied Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physics with Chemistry.

A Special Mathematics Examination will be offered at UL following the Leaving Certificate results for those students who did not achieve the Mathematics requirement.

We welcome applications from mature students. Mature applicants must apply through the Central Applications Office (CAO) by 1 February.

The career opportunities will depend primarily on the BSc course chosen by you, typical careers are:

B.Sc in Industrial Biochemistry

Biochemist, Teacher, Quality Assurance Manager, Scientific Researcher, Patent Agent

B.Sc. in Environmental Science

Environmental Officer, Environmental Laboratory Scientist, Environmental Consultant, Environmental Auditor, Water Conservation Officer, Water Quality Scientist

B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry

Chemist, Industrial Chemist, Environmental Chemist, Chemical Process Engineering, Quality Assurance Manager.

B.Sc in Bioscience

Graduates of the programme will be well positioned to gain employment in Ireland’s rapidly growing high tech Life Science industry.​