The University of Limerick sits on a 149 hectare (368 acres) campus comprising 47 hectares (116 acres) on the north bank and  102 hectares (252 acres) on the south bank. With the completion of the extension to the Glucksman Library in June 2018 and the purchase of the City Centre Campus and Larkin House, the gross area of all buildings on campus is now 262,291m² (2.82 million square feet).

Space is a University resource on which there is very high demand. The Buildings and Estates Department endeavours to allocate space in the most equitable manner possible given the space constraints under which the University operates. All space on campus is the property of the University of Limerick and the Buildings and Estates Department has been tasked with the responsibility of managing and allocating this space in accordance with the protocol as approved by the Space Management Committee. Any given Faculty, Division, Department or School does not own space as such, rather it is assigned according to the ever-changing requirements of the University. Utilisation of space is constantly monitored by the Buildings and Estates Department. The University, via the Buildings and Estates Department, reallocates space from time to time in accordance with the best interests of the University. In accordance with the Space Management Protocol and the needs of the University, faculty and staff may also, from time to time, be required to move office. Offices left vacant by faculty and staff on sabbatical long term sick leave etc. can be reallocated for the duration of the sabbatical.

Faculty and staff should note that while every effort is made to cater for the space requirements of all groups, it may not always be possible to meet the demand for space of all groups. Prior to requesting additional space, all Faculties, Divisions, Departments, Schools, Units etc. are asked to review the utilisation of the space currently assigned to them with a view to resolving their space difficulties without the requirement for additional space. 

It is the policy of the Buildings and Estates Department that any proposed office or lab moves should be notified to the Buildings and Estates Department and agreed in advance. This is the case even if the proposed moves are considered to be internal departmental or faculty moves. 

Requests for additional office space should be directed to Brian Considine in room AM-066 at extension 3421

Please remember also that space is a very valuable resource, which is in very high demand across the University. All Faculties, Divisions, Departments etc. should return for reallocation, any space which is not being used to its full capacity. 

Please consult The University Space Management Protocol for full details.

For information on accessible space and available facilities please refer to our Campus Maps page.