The Buildings and Estates Department is responsible for maintaining the physical aspect of the University's buildings and estates and the management of new physical developments within the campus. 

Buildings and Estates has a brief for the following functions:

  • New building and works projects
  • Maintenance of the campus buildings fabric and associated building plant
  • Maintenance of all campus grounds, sports fields, roads, pavings, water features, lighting, and services, both underground and above
  • Energy management
  • Security
  • Safety of the built environment
  • Cleaning
  • Waste management
  • Portering service
  • Goods receiving and distribution
  • Space planning and management
  • Traffic and parking management
  • Insurance
  • Land acquisition incl. legal issues
  • Signposting/nameplates
  • Key Management
  • HEA and Department of Education and Science re buildings and physical development matters
  • Furniture - procurement and maintenance

Buildings & Estates Organisational Structure