The University of Limerick sits on a 149 hectare (368 acres) campus comprising 47 hectares (116 acres) on the north bank and 102 hectares (251 acres) on the south bank. With the completion of the extension to the Glucksman Library in June 2018, the gross area of all buildings on campus is 257,870m² (2.7 million square feet).

 The Buildings and Estates Department is responsible for the development and upkeep of the campus landscape including its external sports facilities. The University's in-house Grounds Staff and external Contractors carry out these works.

The development of the University has been guided by the preparation of Physical Development Plans at strategic times. Consideration and assessment of the landscape context of development has been an integral part of these plans. The priority given to the landscape through the University's development has resulted in a high quality attractive and pleasant environment, which has become a major asset to the Campus.