In the event of an emergency please dial extension 3333 (internally) or 061-213333. 

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • UL Security - 061-234600 (ext. 4600)
  • 24 hour UL Campus Emergency Number - 061 - 213333 / 202700  (ext. 3333 / 2700)
  • Gardaí -  061 - 212400 / 999
  • Students Union - 061 - 202324
  • Postgraduate Students' Union 061 - 213473
  • University Hospital Limerick - 061 - 301111
  • St. John's Hospital - 061- 415822
  • Rape Crisis Centre - 1800 311511

The Buildings and Estates Department has overall responsibility for the provision of security services for the University and traffic management. The security service is provided on a 24hr/7day basis for the entire (149 hectares) campus.

At peak times, there can be in excess of 10,000 people, 3,026 car parking spaces, together with a constant stream of deliveries/collections of all types and descriptions, necessary to service the day-to-day functions of the University. With this level of activity, the porters/service/security staff operate in a very busy environment. 

While the Buildings and Estates Department are responsible for security on the Campus, student, faculty, and staff are requested to report anyone acting suspiciously or causing damage to property to campus security at 061-234600 (ext.4600).

Campus Security Service -  During normal working hours, UL porter/service staff, supplemented by contracted Security staff, provides the campus security service. Outside of normal working hours, the campus security service is provided by contracted security staff.

Incidents - In the event of an incident, users of the campus facilities are requested to report the incident immediately to Security, who will take the necessary action.

Persons involved in an incident are requested to complete the University of Limerick "SECURITY INCIDENT REPORT FORM" and submit the completed form to the Campus Security Centre located at the Reserved Visitors Car Park or to Security at Main Reception in the Main Building outside of office hours or e-mail:

Accidents - In the event of an accident involving injury to people or dangerous occurrences (i.e. near misses), users of the campus facilities are requested to report the accident immediately to the UL Safety Officer,  if after 17h00, to Security at the Campus Security Centre located in building number 15 grid reference D4 on the main Avenue or UL Main Reception, after which the necessary action will be taken.

 Persons involved in an accident are requested to complete the Accident Report Form, which is available on the Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences page of the Health and Safety website here. Completed forms should be submitted to the UL Safety Officer.

CAMPUS WATCH - This safety booklet is for all students and has been designed & published for you in partnership with SUI & An Gardaí Siochana. Published in 5 languages and designed to allow Quick Reference to important student topics. This is a must-read for all new & existing students.