The Buildings and Estates Department is responsible for the collection and disposal of waste generated on campus
The University of Limerick sits on a 151 hectare (372 acres) campus comprising 50 hectares (123 acres) on
In the event of an emergency please dial extension 3333 (internally) or 061-213333.
Paper can be recycled via the recycling scheme currently in operation throughout the University
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Minor Works is a term used to describe changes, upgrades, additions, alterations to buildings and infrastructure
Maintenance refers to upkeep of the UL environment and infrastructure - buildings and grounds
The University Campus extends to over 151 hectares (372 acres) with a total built space of 252,797 square metres (2.7 million square feet) across 45 buildings
The Travel Policy arranged by the University provides cover in respect of trips approved by the University
The Buildings and Estates Department plays a key role in ensuring the Health and Safety of the Campus Community
All goods purchased on behalf of the University of Limerick are channelled in through Goods Receiving
The Buildings and Estates Department has the responsibility of cleaning the University's didactic
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