Maintenance refers to upkeep of the UL environment and infrastructure - buildings and grounds. Maintenance falls into the following categories:

Customer Generated Requests fall into the following categories: Planned Preventive Maintenance
Builders' work/joiner  

We promptly acknowledge receipt of all requests. Each maintenance request will receive a unique reference number. This reference number will be quoted in all correspondence with you.  Urgent requests for maintenance (e.g. heating problems, leaks, power outage,  etc.) are attended to immediately. In the case of general maintenance requests, where the request has not been completed within 5 working days, contact is made with the customer/requestor, and explanation is given and an expected completion date provided. This contact is confirmed by email. We advise immediately by email when a request has been completed.

On average we complete 92% of maintenance requests in 3-days or less and 95% of maintenance requests in 5-days or less.

Where a request takes longer than 5-days to complete, this can ordinarily be attributed to one of the following:

  • Materials are on order
  • Awaiting attendance of an external contractor
  • Access to carry out maintenance request to be scheduled for a later date, this should be with original requestors agreement.

Requests for maintenance should be logged through our HELPDESK

Urgent maintenance requests can be reported by dialling 2001 or 2006

Planned Preventative Maintenance is carried out in the background by our permanent in-house teams, supplemented by specialist contractors as required.

Summary of Specialist Mechanical and Electrical Contracts

Safety Systems Other M&E Controls
Fire Alarm Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Building Management System
Gas Detection Special Water Treatment Pneumatic Environmental Control Systems
Gas Detection Nat gas Electrical - General Traditional Environmental Control Systems

Auto Fire Extinguishing Systems

Plumbing - General  
Kithen Extract Hood Suppression System High Tension 10,000 Volt Switchgear  
Kitchen Extract Hood Cleaning Low Voltage Switch Geara  
Emer Lighting Central Power Factor Correction  
EmernLighting Interiors Water Treatment, Heating & DHWS  

Smoke Vent Systems

Water Treatment Pool  
Smoke Curtains Radio Handsets & Repeaters  
Fire Rated Doors Access Control Systems  

Magnetic Door Releases

Autp Fire Doors Lift Passenger  
Fire Extinguishers Lift Wheelchair  
Sprinkler System Lift Access  
Fire Hydrants Boiler Burners  
Fire Hose Reels AHUs, LPHW  
Dry Risers AHUs, GasFired  
Lightning Protection ACUs  
Gas Distri Network - Internal Chillers  
Gas Distri Network - External Gas Water Heaters (AO Smiths)  
Gas Catering Equipment Compressors  
Elec Distribution Boards, RCDs, MCBs Etc Burglar Alarms  
  Automatic Doors  


Building Work/Joinery 

The Buildings and Estates Department has an on-site buildings maintenance crew that maintain the buildings throughout the campus. Buildings maintenance includes the maintenance and repair of building structure/fabric, which ranges from faulty door locks, to repair of damaged roof /wall structures. The buildings maintenance crew consists of carpenters, a general trade operative and general operatives. 

The Buildings maintenance section also has an on-site carpentry work shop which has the capability of manufacturing shelf units/press units and glazed screens to specific Department's requirements. Departments wishing to avail of this service should complete a Minor Works form and send to the Buildings and Estates Department.

 Grounds (see Landscape here)

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