Message from Associate Professor Angela Farrell, Assistant Dean International, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 

The Faculty of AHSS is committed to advancing internationalisation by diversifying our international student and staff cohorts, expanding our global reputation and reach, reducing our global footprint and fostering a critical, international mind-set and culture that is underpinned by equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). As a faculty, it is our mission to offer a rich and sustainable, international experience to all our students by embedding global perspectives in the curriculum across the various academic disciplines. We are also committed to promoting both in-person and virtual Erasmus mobility for students and staff and to maintaining UL’s position as Ireland’s leading university for Erasmus mobility. This reaffirms our commitment to promoting European and global citizenship and underscores our support for the ideals reflected in the UN SDGs. It is also our ambition to play a leading role in promoting inclusive internationalisation at home by developing and implementing training and supports that will ensure that all members of the UL campus community feel welcome and can thrive socially, culturally and academically. In so doing, we also recognise the rich linguistic and cultural diversity that our international students, staff and visitors bring to our campus community and the exciting opportunities that this offers for developing inter-culturally oriented teaching and learning across our faculty. In these ways, AHSS is committed to playing a leading role in driving the advancement of UL as a truly inclusive and forward-looking global university for the twenty-first century. 

Dr Angela Farrell

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Did you know that UL ranks first in Ireland for value, career preparation and international student happiness?

I-Graduate International Student Barometer 2023