Student Support Officer

Ciara Hegarty is the Student Support Officer (SSO) for the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.  The SSO is the designated point of contact for all undergraduate students in their faculty there to provide them with any support, advice, or guidance that they may need as a student in UL. Going to university is an amazing new experience but can also bring its own challenges and critical moments which can occur at various times throughout the academic year. These can be difficult experiences for students to deal with alone. Students can contact the SSO for support with any issue or concern they may be facing. The SSO will assist the student in identifying their options and help them come to a resolution that best suits their needs.There are a wide range of supports and services available on campus to help student’s cope with the demands of university. It is the function of the SSO to assist students in engaging with these services. The SSO will also play a key role in cultivating a strong sense of belonging for students to their programme and their faculty.

If you are a current undergraduate student who would like to chat to Ciara, please find her contact details below. 

Email: or click here to book an online meeting with Ciara

Image of Ciara Hegarty, Student Support Officer (SSO) for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences