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Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility

Erasmus International Credit Mobility (ICM) provides opportunities for staff and students to study, teach and train in countries outside Europe.

The funding facilitates:

  • An expanded international offering
  • Access to new regions for staff and student mobility
  • The development and strengthening of partnerships
  • Engaging with new fields of international research

From September 2015 to July 2019, 309 people will benefit directly from Erasmus+ ICM. 192 staff members and 117 students have and continue to participate on mobility programmes to and from 26 countries outside of the EU with 48 partner universities.

More information on our partners can be found here, while information on funding available can be found here.


How to Apply

  • Student mobility for studies: Available grants for UL students will be advertised on this page and through the International Office. The selection of students is based on academic merit.
  • Staff mobility for teaching or training activities: UL staff members will be sent an expression of interest by IED, who make the application on behalf of the university to the HEA. There is one deadline per year.


It opens your mind to other ways of life, costs of living, cultures, climates, the effects of colonisation and most importantly it awakens you to the fact that  the way we do things at home is not the only way of life.

Natasha Toole, BA Psychology & Sociology Erasmus + Credit Mobility Grant, Unitec Institute of Technology New Zealand

Information for Approved Staff and Students


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