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Grant Information for International Credit Mobility

The University of Limerick has an incredibly active International Credit Mobility programme, and this shows in the funding we have been able to provide students we send and receive under the programme.

During the 2017/2018 allocation, the University of Limerick received over €430,000 in funding towards its ICM programme. This is the highest funding of all Irish institutions in the programme, and over one-third of the entire funding available for the country. Between 2015 and 2020, UL will receive a total of €1,639,450 towards its ICM programme.

ICM Funding Grants

As demonstrated by this, ICM funding is allocated in two separate grants: a travel grant and an individual support grant. The current rates for these grants are as follows:


The travel grant for students and staff is based on a distance band as follows:

Travel Distance 
500km-1999km      €275
2000km-2999km    €360
3000km-3999km    €530
4000km-7999km    €820
8000km or more   €1500

Individual Support

Type of Mobility Incoming Outgoing Minimum Duration Maximum Duration
Staff €180/day, reduced on 15th day €180/day, reduced on 15th day 5 days, excl. travel 60 days
Student €850/month €650/month 3 months or 1 semester 12 months