Why do a Postgrad at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance?

Are you dreaming of a career in music, dance, festivals, songwriting, music therapy or community music?


Since 1994, the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance has nurtured performance and academic talent in music, dance and related subject areas and its research is at the forefront of these fields of enquiry worldwide. 

Industry led programmes with a real-world focus are informed by innovative community outreach and artist-in-residence initiatives that take the Academy to the wider community, while attracting a wealth of international performance and scholarly expertise.

The Academy’s location and facilities are also a rich source of inspiration, with two theatres, recording studios, individual practice rooms and dance studios all on campus.

UL helps Irish World Academy postgraduates discover their own unique language, so they can develop their true creative potential for a professional career in Music, Dance and Performance.

Download your essential postgrad planner here, to choose the perfect UL course for your career.