My name is Joy Siegel, and I am from Richmond, Virginia. After working in front of a primary classroom for the last sixteen years, I’ve switched roles to pursue an MA in Technical Communication & E-Learning at the University of Limerick. Whether you’re a traditional or non-traditional student, like myself, UL is a great decision!

Why study at the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences for a Master of Arts in Technical Communication and E-Learning?

Up until eight months ago, I wasn’t even thinking about school, much less those questions. I needed a bit of encouragement. During my sixteen years as a primary school teacher, I volunteered for technology-related roles, served in leadership posts, and was awarded multiple fellowships and educational grants. I was incredibly fortunate, but my transition to a position beyond my classroom was stagnant. I needed to pursue something more dramatic to advance my career, and since I was seeking a change, I might as well make it a big one! I would find a way to combine my love of technology, learning, and Ireland.

The encouragement and support to seek out inspiring projects, analyse effective design, and reflection on learning is invaluable.

With consideration for those three criteria, I needed to keep the end in mind; I wanted to be employed doing something I loved! The University of Limerick’s (UL) average employment rate is higher than the other Irish universities, and my programme of interest was awarded the 2018 Postgraduate course of the year. in Arts & Humanities from gradireland. UL was amazing and ticked all the boxes! I stopped looking and applied at once. Other than being award winning, the Technical Communication and E-Learning MA programme is interesting and practical. The encouragement and support to seek out inspiring projects, analyse effective design, and reflect on learning is invaluable.

The modules’ content intertwines, which puts just learned content into immediate practise. The content relevance goes beyond the classroom as the programme does such a good job at fostering a critical eye, that it’s difficult to not examine written communication in other places. That will certainly help with career readiness! For someone who loves learning and technology, the MA in Technical Communication and E-Learning is a great fit. I smile as we preview upcoming assignments and marvel at what our lecturers will have us know by the end of a year. After countless hours on the computer, evaluating information, double checking if I avoided American spellings, and completing assignments, I happily return to the work each day. I am forever grateful for this experience, and it’s one that I would recommend to anyone interested in the field.

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