YERUN, the Young European Research Universities Network

YERUN, the Young European Research Universities Network, is a consortium of 23 young research institutions from across Europe. Established in 2016, the network's primary goal is to foster collaboration between member universities in research, teaching, and knowledge exchange; enabling talent to grow unfettered.

The network's universities are highly ranked and committed to addressing societal challenges while providing students, staff, and academics with the skills and knowledge they need to become innovative leaders and problem solvers. YERUN facilitates this by supporting collaborative research and teaching initiatives, promoting mobility and exchange opportunities for students and staff, and advocating for the importance of research-driven education and knowledge exchange within Europe.

As YERUN continues to grow its mission remains the same; showcase achievements, promote collaborative and transformative activities, and influence and advise on EU policy, shaping a Europe where young universities have a genuine impact and can continue to thrive.

EMERGE European Margins Engaging for Regional and Global Empowerment

European Margins Engaging for Regional and Global Empowerment (EMERGE) is an alliance of nine regional Higher Education Institutions located on the margins of Europe striving for excellence in education; brought together by a shared passion for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion; Sustainability; Creativity and Entrepreneurship; and Community Engagement.

The alliance seeks to amplify, and diversify, the expertise of the peripheries by bringing together experts from the public, private, and academic sectors; and by developing an integrated, holistic approach to digital transformation. By collaborating in the fields of education, research, and innovation, the alliance establishes the ideal environment for opportunities created by digital transformation to flourish, amplifying the creativity of the peripheries.

By implementing smart technology, innovative training and education, and policy reform, EMERGE is building a more digitally inclusive society. EMERGE is employing a European-wide network of digital hubs to provide unfettered access to education and training support for citizens on the margins. Through this network, people can access the latest in digital services and technologies, enabling them to participate more actively in the digital economy. The ultimate goal of the alliance is to foster the development of a rapidly changing digital society that is open and inclusive to all by means of green internationalisation; enhancing social and economic cohesion, improving quality of life, and reinvigorating European citizenship.

EUCEN MAP eucen, The European Universities Continuing Education Network

eucen, The European Universities Continuing Education Network is a multidisciplinary European association for University-based continued education. Established in 1991 and registered in Belgium as a non-governmental, non-profit organization. 

With approx. 100 participating universities, including 9 Irish members, eucen’s mission is to

  • Enable the exchange of experience and information between members on current lifelong learning regulations and policies and establish contacts with the relevant European bodies
  • Provide contacts for members with lifelong learning policy makers and practitioners in a range of universities throughout Europe
  • Seek to harmonise levels of quality for ULLL among members and to maintain standards for effective monitoring
  • Contribute to the development of an effective university credit transfer system that would be acceptable within the network
  • Seek to influence European policy on University Lifelong Learning (ULLL)

The definition of ULLL varies between countries and universities. eucen seeks to include this rich diversity and to have a coherent focus for the project’s activities. Therefore, eucen has defined ULLL as follows:

"ULLL is the provision by higher education institutions of learning opportunities, services and research for: the personal and professional development of a wide range of individuals - lifelong and life wide; and the social, cultural and economic development of communities and the region. It is at university level and research-based; it focuses primarily on the needs of the learners; and it is often developed and/or provided in collaboration with stakeholders and external actors”.

eucen has an important role in the policy making process. It is represented on several committees and advisory panels at European level and provides experts and expert teams for international projects and consultancy to universities wishing to develop lifelong learning strategies and actions. Through conferences, projects and networking activities the project provides a wide range of opportunities for staff and curriculum development, for the sharing of best practice and for the development of international contacts for ULLL.

The University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) is a knowledge leader on university-industry engagement, entrepreneurial & engaged universities and knowledge transfer. Their mission is to enable and enhance university and industry engagement across education, research and societal interaction, through providing insights from research and practice, upskilling and supporting individuals and institutions, and creating a global community for sharing best practice.

Being part of the University Industry Innovation Network offers strategic advantages to the  University of Limerick. As a member of UIIN, UL can leverage the network's extensive resources and connections to foster innovation and enhance its research and educational activities. UIIN's focus on bridging the gap between academia and industry aligns with UL@50s goal to transform education and provide industry-informed and professionally relevant programs. This collaboration can lead to the development of cutting-edge curricula that meet current market needs, thereby increasing the employability of their graduates. Furthermore, UIIN provides a platform to engage in knowledge exchange with other leading institutions, promoting continuous improvement and innovation in their programs. UIIN's international reach attracts a diverse student body, enriching the learning experience and fostering a global perspective among students.