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About the School of Engineering

The School of Engineering at UL offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across a range of engineering disciplines including Aeronautical, Biomedical, Civil, Design and Manufacture and Mechanical in addition to programmes in Construction Management and Engineering and Technology Management.

Our Courses

We have great courses

Advanced Engineering Materials (MSc)

This programme is designed to produce Masters graduates who have an in-depth knowledge of instrumentation involved in Materials analysis and characterisation together with a detailed knowledge...

Aeronautical Engineering (MSc)

The program will enable our graduates to have the ability to develop creative and innovative solutions to technical problems using their engineering expertise. Using their aeronautical...

Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering

Modern medicine has given rise to the development of a wide range of novel engineering solutions to clinical problems. As a result of the increased collaboration between engineers and doctors,...

Bachelor of Engineering in Design and Manufacture

Are you interested in clever designs that benefit people’s lives, in how they are produced in the real world meeting high technical standards, and how they are made affordable, accessible and...

Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and Engineering

The main aim of the Construction Management and Engineering course is to give you the skills to take projects from design to reality. Providing you with a broadly based management and...

Bachelor of Science in Technology Management

Are you the type of person who likes being hands on, making decisions, organising people and making things work better? Do you like the idea of being in charge of something from start to finish...

Bachelor/ Masters of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering

If you are fascinated by aircraft and aviation, as well as having an aptitude for practical problem solving, maths and science, then aeronautical engineering could be the career for you. UL is...

Bachelor/Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering programme at UL is fully accredited by Engineers Ireland and uses a student-centred approach to teaching, using techniques such as problem-based learning and active...

Bachelor/Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering

This is an ideal programme for you if you are interested in problem-solving using mathematics and science. If you think you might enjoy exploring areas such as mechanical design, energy systems...

Biomedical Device Materials (MSc)

The MSc programme is designed to produce highly qualified graduates who have an in-depth knowledge of the instrumentation involved in the analysis and characterisation of materials together...

Civil Engineering (MSc)


The M.Sc. in Civil Engineering provides training in advanced topics in civil engineering. The programme has been tailored to meet the needs of the civil engineering sector, which...

Engineering Common Entry

Engineers are concerned with developing economical and safe solutions to practical problems, by applying mathematics and scientific knowledge while considering technical constraints. 

Mechanical Engineering (MSc)

This programme provides a detailed knowledge of advanced methods in Mechanical Engineering including theoretical foundations, computational and experimental methods, and engineering...

Mechatronics (MEng)

The M.Eng in Mechatronics is a one year, full-time programme and the mode of operation is based on the modular system. It consist of a taught component extending over two semesters, with a...

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Campus location

Kathleen Lonsdale Building

The administrative offices of the School of Engineering are located in the Lonsdale Building, L1-020.

School of Engineering, University of Limerick, Limerick Ireland

Phone: +353(0)61202544