About the Department of Physics

Our department is young and dynamic. Our courses prepare students for a wide variety of exciting careers and we are engaged in innovative research at the forefront of science and technology. Our research results can be found in the top scientific journals and in internationally patented inventions.

Main Building

The Department of Physics operates across three buildings; the Main Building, the Lonsdale Building and the Analog Devices Building. Six academic staff have offices in the main building and five academic staff having offices in the Analog devices building.

Research laboratories and offices are located in each of these buildings, but the Head of Department, Department coordinator and technical staff are located in the Main Building. Teaching laboratories are also located in the Main Building.

Main Physics Office, Room C0-063, Main Building

00 353 61 202578

Latest News

Latest News
Damien as SSPC Director
08 Mar 2023

Congratulations Prof Damien Thompson for being officially appointed the Director of SSPC!

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Dr Sarah presented bouquet by Prof Damien Thompson
14 Nov 2022

Congratulations Dr Sarah Guerin and Dr Cian McKeown

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Captures from Open Days 2022
24 Oct 2022

October Open Days 2022: Inspiring the next-generation of Physicists!

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Latest Events

Latest Events
Susan Kelleher
19 Apr 2023

Presentation on 19th April 2023 by Dr. Susan Kelleher

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