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Our Graduates: Denise Curtin, BA Journalism and New Media

Our BA Journalism and New Media graduate Denise Curtin spoke to MediaHQ about her time as a journalist. Denise talks about her job, and mentions how helpful the work experience she gained during her time at UL was:

"I think my work placement in third year was a real awakening for me. My degree prepared me well but, you never really know what it’s actually like until you get hands-on experience. Getting experience is vital. You can only learn so much in a classroom but it’s when you’re thrown in at the deep end, editing and producing against the clock that you get a taste of what it’s actually like to work in the industry. So, for me, placement was a massive asset in learning what working would be like after I graduated plus, it does make it easier to get a job when you’ve experience under your belt."

Since graduating from UL, Denise is now a content creator at Maximum Media working on both Her and HerFamily. We're delighted to see her getting on so well!Follow Denise on Twitter: @denisetcurtin