AHSS Annual Postgraduate Research Conference - 18th and 19th May 2023

The AHSS Annual Postgraduate Conference took place on 18th and 19th May 2023 in the Foundation Building, University of Limerick.  A call was sent to postgraduate students from University of Limerick, Mary Immaculate College and the Technological University of the Shannon to participate at the event by presenting a paper or poster on the day. 

Forty-five papers and twenty three posters were on display by the postgraduate community in the foyer of the Foundation Building.  The research provided by the students included a diverse range of topics such as Intimacy in Sally Rooney’s writings; teaching and learning expectations between first year undergraduates students and staff; corpus linguistics; Forest School Pedagogy; autism and girls; intercultural communication; climate; education and discovering history through comics. 

The Executive Dean, Dr. Sandra Joyce opened the proceedings welcoming everyone to the University of Limerick and was extremely impressed with the topics and titles shown in the programme.  Dr. Christina Morin, ADR thanked everyone for their participation in this year’s Conference and looked forward to hearing more about their research.  Dr. Niamh Lenahan who co-ordinated the two date event thanked Mary Immaculate College and Technological University of the Shannon staff and participants for their continued support each year and by their involvement in the Conference.  Dr. Lenahan hoped that through their presenting and attendance at the event, this would help them to explore their areas of research further, hear about possible new sources, discover new connections with other postgraduates, connections that could possibly be followed up after the conference.  All of these items should help the students research as well as help to build a Limerick based research community. 

The postgraduate community chaired the sessions where they introduced the speakers and managed the Q&A sessions that followed.  After each session, questions were posed and lively discussions on the topics ensued.  

All posters can be viewed here and here.

The Conference was appreciated by the academic community and the activity on Twitter reflected the lively themes and discussions that took place over the two days.  

Thanks to Katie McAuliffe and Ciara Murray who provided their help and expertise.

Thank you to Dr. Christina Morin for her huge support and to a special thanks to Claire Moroney who helped with the organisation on the lead up to the Conference and her assistance during the two days.  

Dr. Niamh Lenahan